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  1. No it won't. I work for Archenemy (south london). If you were in my area I would charge £90 to roll a pair of rear arches on an IS. Find me a decent set of rear tyres for that price and I'll bite your arm off :)
  2. Hmm..... I'm 30 miles off 100k. Off to buy timing belt and ancilaries tomorrow. Finger crossed I dont find anything as bad as that
  3. Brake fluid level would be my first port of call too :)
  4. Arches on an IS200 are nice and flexible so lots of room can be gained from them if your willing. Make the car fit the wheels, not the other way around. The final result will be more pleasing.
  5. I roll wheel arches for a living, I can actually be found in the back of this months Japanese Performance Magazine working on their project Subaru :winky:
  6. more info here
  7. Good to see someone having a play with an SC, really like that. Wheels offsets look pretty good too, have you had your arches rolled?
  8. No pic, but from memory there isn't a great deal going on over there. Hopefully your safe :)
  9. FYI the six speed box found in the IS200 is also used in Mk2 6spd MX5's, and Nissan S15 Silvia's incase you could get hold of them for less than £350. If you have changed the fluid already I doubt changing it again will help, even to something like 140wt or similar. If you just want the noise to go away and dont care about the current gearbox too much then you could do what some unscroupulus car dealers used to do back in the day to get rid of a car with a noisy box by filling you box with tights or saw dust :) I am not reccomending the above really, although something like moly slip may be worth a try?
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