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  1. Right I have found the problem! Headgasket is weeping oil on the right, repair time methinks :D
  2. Well I've been in touch with a friend of mine who works for Perfect Touch in Hertfordshire and he's certain that TRD make some parts compatible with this engine model. He's making some phonecalls today and is getting back to me so I'll post the outcome on this thread :)
  3. Of course I don't mind ;) I'll pm you my phone number and we can tee this up.
  4. Current VOSA regulations stipulate that the tints on the driver and passenger side must still retain a minimum of 70% transparency. Your friendly local constabulary may tell you they are too dark but will need to confirm this with a light meter for it wash. VOSA however do perform regular roadside inspection points or 'funstoppers' as I like to call them, they have everything from light meters to decibel meters ready to check your car :)
  5. I live in Hitchin and know one end of a spanner from the other, I will gladly take a look if you like :)
  6. I drilled through carbon no problem at all with a normal drill bit, just make sure it's a good sharp bit and take it easy. Normal car wax is fine to use on carbon but depending on what wax you use (I use Meguires nxt) you won't get the best shine possible, best product I have found is Autoglym super resin polish :)
  7. Huge improvement, right about the size though definately needs 19's ;)
  8. I checked the oil level again whilst stone cold and far from being none in there, there is too much! I know this is bad for obvious reasons, but does the car have the ability to let you know about this, hence the light?
  9. P.S I don't actually have a manual to decipher the intricacies of the lights as of yet :D
  10. Car has given me it's first little 'burp' today. Twice while driving on the motorway what I can only assume is the oil warning light (oil can with waves underneath) illuminated for about 10 seconds then went out. I checked all fluid levels yesterday and they are all fine, could this be an oil pressure warning or a tell tale symptom of something else?
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, plenty of info for me to digest this weekend :)
  12. Admittedly I may be a bit spoiled coming straight from Skylines to this, but it certainly needs more grunt than a 250bhp stock motor can provide for 2000kg. That's 125bhp/tonne.........Peugeot 106 Rallye anyone? Italian supercars should remain the soul preserve of men with moustaches and confidence issues. Mine has the Lexus 'L' on the front grille, insurance has it listed as a Lexus, V5 says Lexus. It's a Lexus. (Does say Toyota on the engine though ;)) I could always put a 'T' on the grille to make you happy, but then I run the risk of people thinking I drive a Talbot.
  13. I've got a 92' Lexus Celsior with the 1UZ V8 in it, problem is it's as slow as a French arthouse production. I am giving serious consideration to fitting a centrifugal charger to it. Has anybody ever done this because I have some questions :) - Is it possible to do this on stock internals? - Can the standard Celsior ecu be remapped to compensate for the fuel management issues? - What is the maximum lph of the stock fuel pump? Any help appreciated
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