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  1. hi Scribe thats exactly what i thought, the symptoms described above sound more like a battery/alternator issue. Just a matter interest what was the mileage on your car when you got this problem - Although mine is on low miles, i do alot of start stop driving - i wonder wether this problem might develop sooner on mine? regards miq
  2. hi Also need to check for 1)Misted windows - this is caused by the window delaminating therfore allowing moisture in 2)Corrosion around the boot lock and drivers door 3)Make sure the rear aircon works 4)Make sure all electrics work 5)Check for sticking or slow electric windows 6)Check stereo properly to ensure no blown speakers HTH regards miq
  3. hi Check that it isnt locked - if the round silver barrel is pushed in (under right handside of steering) then it is locked and wont open - you need to unlock it with they the master key. It will also not open if the engine is running HTH miq
  4. HI I have a attached a pic of mine - the 3 large fuses on the side will help you figure which way round.
  5. Hi the fuses info should be on the the lid - cant remember if its outside or inside the temperature display backlight requires alot of dismantling - if your up for it this gentleman has done a fine job of putting together a walk through here: hope this helps regards miq
  6. hi first and foremost check and make sure you dont have any metallic objects (keys/coins) stored in the armrest regards miq
  7. ok ill have a go, 1) black lines on headlight? 2) EGR written on indicator? 3) Missing parking pole? regards miq
  8. Hi alan 1)Its not a case of resetting the light here - you either have to replace the sensor which costs around £50 each from a lexus dealer here or you can buy them from US slightly cheaper - if you dont want to spend that much you can just disconnect and remove the original sensor, cut the and join the 2 wires to complete the circuit - the light will then go off however it does mean you will have to manually check the condition of your brake pads. 2)The fuses are located in the drivers footwell HTH regards miq
  9. in my experience you can call any lexus dealer with your VIN number and they should be able to tell you which suspension was fitted - when i was looking for a Mark 4, i came across one which had aftermarket alloys fitted, the dealer couldnt tell me wether it was DHP or not, I then rang the local dealer with the Reg and they confirmed it had Dynamic Handling Pack fitted HTH regards miq
  10. Hi Juat wanted to add i was thinking of getting the oil changed on my Mark 4 (80K) just for piece of mind and was quoted £180 for a complete change by lexus. They reckon it takes 45 mins regards miq
  11. hi 1)Using 2 flat screw drivers (or even better flat pieces of plastic to save damaging the trim) lift the gearbox surround out - start near the cup holders - i think theres about 4 clips holding the surround down - you will need to disconnect the ashtray and heated seat connections to completely remove the trim. 2)Remove the centre vents by inserting small screw drivers or flat pieces of plastic either side of the vents and then pull out towards you. 3)Now you will find 4 screws - 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom - remove these and your done. regards miq
  12. hi you could buy some clear overmats like these: regards miq
  13. Hi I fitted mintex brake pads and discs a few months ago - problem is I get a groan when coming to a stop - Can you guys tell me wether this is normal? if not then it might be time to buy some genuine brake pads and swap them over. or if someone has any other suggestions for any other brand brake pads which offer good performance then please let me know. regards miq
  14. hi overmats were crucial for the Mark 3 becuase beige carpet is difficult to clean - i got so used to them i bought some for the Mark 4 which has grey leather - i also wipe my feet and ensure my shoes dont scrape the sill everytime i sit in the car ( This is the LS seating ritual which im sure you knew anyway LOL)
  15. Hi thats a car hanger made of beads - reads "allah" in arabic
  16. that was a sat nav screen - the previous owner had retrofitted a navigation system made by phillips carin many years ago - I have sold it now and bought a Mark 4 and yes i agree about the pics regards miq
  17. Hi mike i bought one of those 3 years ago from Hong Kong for my Mark 3 - it is a cap which fits on the front side of the steering only - it doesnt go all the way round the black - to be honest the quality was very poor and it was stuck down with glue which wasnt very good either so i binned it. I then started looking around for a wood/beige steering wheel cover and didnt find any in the UK so i bought one from the US - a proper wheel cover which went right round the steering and was still as new 3 years later.heres a pic: Last year i upgarded to a mark 4 which came with a wood steering - i ordered another wood/grey one because i found the steering a bit slippery on the mark 4 however i never fitted because after driving it for a couple of weeks i got used to it so if you want it PM me and we can agree a price regards miq
  18. have a read here: fuel saver&st=0 regards miq
  19. Mine fitted exactly the same as shown in the picture i.e lift the tab - slide wiper over the hook and clip the tab back - very simple and stright forward to fit.
  20. hi I bought flat wiper blades from ebay for my Mark 3 which lasted 3 years and were still fine untill i sold it. I have bought flat wipers again for my mark 4 from ebay costing £6/£7 for a pair and they work perfectly, smooth, quite and clean the screen very well HTH regards miq
  21. i used to repair my backlight on my Mark 3, 3 years ago He charged £85 and i had to remove the unit and send it to him regard miq
  22. hi Just wanted to add that after recently aquiring a mark 4 i had the same problem. I noticed the fuel guage was going down quicker then my mark 3 and the readout was only achieving 13mpg at best. I changed the ECT sensor and now i get between 19-22mpg. I do mainly town driving. I would recommend checking the above sensor. have a read here: it also tells you how to test the sensor prior to replacement regards miq
  23. hi some info here: regards miq
  24. HI jon this is a coincidence. My mark 4 takes ages to warm up and the temperature guage never goes above the third mark. It is giving me an average of 13mpg around town driving. I have been researching about this for the past week and have found the reason for this is the thermostat is either stuck in the open position or opening too early hence the car is running cooler and leaner. I was also planning to get the thermostat and coolant changed at the same time this week. Your post is assuring that the problem is simple one and doesnt cost alot to fix Will update when problem is cured regards miq
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