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  1. Happy Birthday steveskeggy!

  2. Nice, love the attitude. Its no wonder I hardly ever come on this site anymore.
  3. You could try the leads, seeing as you have replaced everything else! Apart from the leads, you could try the fuel filter: Dont know if that article covers your car, but it should give you ideas. It could be a perished pipe, have a look around the engine bay to see if there are any rubber pipes that look dodgy. The fuel pump could also be the culprit. Looks like this could be a fishing expedition for you.
  4. If you drive it in the snow, then I would suggest that you dont fit Dunlops, as I has these on my LS430 last year and can honestly say that it was the only time I have ever been terrified to drive a car. On a journey, for no reason at all the rear would just break away, and I would find myself pointing at traffic coming the other way. There was next to no grip on the front end, reversing into my driveway was a wind the steering over and see which way it goes affair. To say that they are dangerous is an undertatement, and there are many taxi owners and tyre fitters around here that agree with me. I had a set of Michelins fitted this year, and although they are summer tyres, they have transformed the car in the snow. It still breaks away, but only if you want it to. The steering is fine and it goes where yo point it. It could still be lairy, but only if you drive it that way, it is now predictable, which is more relaxing, and more fun!
  5. Dont rule out the steering as an electrical fault. In the manual, heavy steering can be caused by a fault in the progressive power steering. Which is the system that makes the steering heavier at higher speeds, and if it thinks you are going fast then it could be hardening the steering. This all could be down to just one fault, trouble is finding it. Have you got the service manual?
  6. Try delving around here: have a search around both repair manuals, you should find something.
  7. Check both fuse boxes in the front foot wells. I have a distant memory that there is one on each side for the radio. Could be wrong, but it dont hurt to try, and you cant always trust the description on the lids either.
  8. And the gold star goes to passman53, Press that button up near the rear view mirror, after you have turned off the ignition, and you have 5 minutes to get out and lock the car before it resets. Then count how many times you forget to press it, and pooch sets off the alarm in the supermarket car park (I rescue Staffies, and have forgotten it many times). The LS400 that I had was a much better system where you just pressed the lock button twice, so why Lexus took a step backwards with this metod is beyond me. One more thing, dont leave your mobile phone in the car, it will probably be ok for a couple of days, then at 3.00 one morning the alarm will go off for no reason....
  9. Which is why we have lost the motor show. Some daft bint gets kicked off the X Factor and the whole country is up in arms. The country looses a national event and the response is " well it was a bit **** anyway" We should be shouting at the top of our voices trying to save the show.
  10. As you can see, I also have a 430. I also had Dunlop tyres on it. I have had them changed for a set of Michelins, for the simple reason that the car was literally frightening to drive in the snow. The back end would step out at any speed, the front end had little grip, even in the wet, it wasnt much fun travelling down the road at 30 in a convoy, suddenly to find that the car was suddenly heading for the cars coming the other way even tough you had not touched the brakes or pressed the throttle any harder. Honestly the best advice anybody could give to you now is to change these things as soon as possible. My mate runs a taxi firm and when he went to pick up his brand new Ford Galaxy, he refused it until the Dunlops were changed for something else. Even the tyre fitter said that though the Dunlops still had a lot of wear on them, it was well worth spending the money on a set of Michelins just to get rid of the Dunlops. The Michelins are maybe a little quieter than the Dunlops, but I didnt think that they were that noisy in the first place, I put it down to the lousy UK roads rather than the car/tyres.
  11. News today that the Briish motor show for 2012 has been cancelled because: "The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) announced today that the show would not go ahead in 2012 as planned following a consultation with the UK motor industry – apparently because they weren't interested." Question is, what UK motor industry? Are they talking about Morgan? Either way its screwed up another bloody good day out, thanks for nowt SMMT.
  12. Depends on what tyres you have on. If you have got Dunlops on, either change them fast, or leave it in the garage, because even with traction control it will be dangerous in the snow. I have changed the Dunlops that were on mine to Michelins, they seem a lot better in the dry and wet, but i am waiting for the snow to come before I find out what it is like then. Whatever tyres you have on though, it is never going to handle like a sports car, and if you insist on driving like a knob at speeds that make the tail drift out, then you obviously cant control it and should look for a different car.
  13. Depends on the price the dealer is prepared to come down to. I am wondering why a 5 year old car has had a new battery on, You should look into the service sheet and see if anything rings alarm bells. You should obviously do your own HPI check, and try to find the previous owner, and have a word. If you cant find a previous owner, then be very suspicious. If it all turns out to be innocent, then you have a very good bargaining chip to spank the dealer with.
  14. Well if you follow the link I posted then click on: Repair Manual ( 2003.8 - ) Then go to Audio and Visual System Then go to Multi - Display, then replacement It will tell you. I did say to have a look around both repair manuals. Thanks to all responses but all the info only goes as far as the radio unit, but I need to take out the sat nav screen. I will give it a go and if successful will post details Trevor
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