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  1. They are not that bad. Rather have a Pizza from Pizza Hut though!
  2. Thanks Steve :) But you might want to check that link again ;)
  3. Cheers for your reply Tango :) Think i will leave the exhaust to a later date! :) Better make sure of getting the car yet! :D
  4. That's true :) I'm looking at going the other way. Getting an SE with leather then adding the styling kit from the SR, then going to purchase some 19" wheels. But looking at getting a slightly older IS250.. which will then clear the funds for the kit + wheels. I cant even remember what the difference between the SE & the SE-L now?
  5. Hi Tango, I'm in the process of purchasing an IS250 and looking at doing a few mods. Probably looking to get the SE version then get the styling kit added and then purchase some 19s. Im not to sure whether to go for an exhaust. For the past 5years had nothing but very loud sporty exhausts. Especially with my previous car being a Subaru Impreza. I couldnt even hear the missus chatting to me in the car with that exhaust.. Wasn't a bad thing i suppose if you think about it :D Anyway.. Have you got any videos of your exhaust on your car? With it running on idle then how it sounds on revving? Think i'd like it to be pretty quiet but have that sporty rasp when you plant the pedal ! Sorry if you get the question a thousand times! Regards Lee
  6. Yeah i did read about that Steve.. Mentioned that as well ;) As for what you found...? Have you actually attached something and i cant see it?
  7. Well as i said.. I took out the IS 250 SR this afternoon for a couple of hours. My dad came with me as he wanted to see what it was like :) The demonstrator was a Black SR on a 58 plate with the 18" 5 spoke alloys. The keyless fob is very good. Walking up to the car and it opening straight away. Then simply foot on brake, press start button and away you go. Very Nice :) As people have said previously, i was a bit dissapointed that it only came with cloth seats. But they were very comfortable. At least they were heated seats. :) MultiMedia Kit was awesome. Screen was very well lit and beautifully displayed. Had quite a laugh giving voice commands to changing temp in car etc etc. These little things please me! :D Drive was very smooth. Was actually more nippy than what i initially thought. Had a go up and down motorway a few times. Then going onto country roads and having a play with the flappy padels. Put a smile on my face. :) I liked the reverse camera. Think i would personally struggle a bit without it. As i read the review on the IS250 + watched videos and i see what they mean about the rear pillers and visibility being hampered. Had a long chat with the guy in the dealer.. said about maybe getting the SE or SE-L then add the styling kit but unfortunately he couldnt give me a price for kit at that time. Overall very nice car. Liked it a lot and surprised me at how much i do like it! Downside, has to be without leather. Just trying to get my head around buying an 08/58 plate car and not having leather keeps playing in my mind at the moment. I truely believe that after the test drive. I will be getting one :)
  8. Thanks for the reply guys. :) I understand the difference from the M3 to the SR in performance ways .. but liking the difference in insurance price better ;) I think having just parted with a Subaru Impreza .. i'm not going to get the same sort of pulling power unless i stick with Jap.. Which i no longer want to! Just like the look of the IS250 and think of just putting 19" Alloys on it to smarten it up a bit more :) But do you really need 343Bhp (M3) on the roads nowadays? I believe the SR is running 210bhp ish.. + with all the extras. I will get so much more for my money.. + the car being brand new! And also the possibility of getting a very very good deal from the dealership! I'll ask the questions about getting the SE or SE-L and find out how much the SR Kit will be etc. :) I will keep you posted :)
  9. Well if i get an IS250 SR .. I will pop down too :) I'm in Fareham .. Inbetween Portsmouth & Southampton :)
  10. Hi Guys, Been a while since i've been on here! :( I have recently Sold my Scooby.. Was Sad to see it go :( But time to move on! I have honestly been looking at purchasing an M3 Coupé until my dad said .. "Why dont we pop to the local Lexus Dealer?" My Dad purchased his IS200 brand new back in 2001, So we have a very good relationship with the dealer! :) That's where i saw the IS250 SR. Has anyone on here got one? I'm test driving a black automatic one this afternoon with the full multimedia kit (Sat Nav, Bluetooth Phone, Reverse Camera etc). After seeing the pics of IS250's modified. I'm Starting to get that Modifying Bug back! Anyway.. It's good to be back and i will let you know how i get on at the dealer this afternoon :) Cheers Lee
  11. Both Cars Looking Good :) Definately thinking about buying an IS 250 SR :) Didn't realise there was so many mods out there!
  12. Thanks for the comments guys.. :) I didn't really mean for this thread to turn into an arguement about the handling of the Lexus.. Just merely an answer to my Q. From what i gather, i reckon the people i have spoken to about the Lexus have been ragging it into a corner! My Scooby is very very twitchy in dry & scary in the wet! Drive like a Granny in the wet! Even with the DCCD wound up! Mind you, have got very low profile tyres on 18s! :o
  13. Hi All, Had a few people say to me that the Lexus IS200 is very twitchy on the rear end? And very bad in the wet?? Back end always came out on them! So thought i'd post on hear to find out whether this is true or not from the guys/gals that actually have the cars? Thanks Lee
  14. aye mate its a white one.... my altezza isnt turbo'd, been thinking about it, also been thinking of supercharging again but i have to admit im actually leaning towards chasing some NA power... i think the 3s-ge could see me near 250bhp with the right work and that will do me :D how much were you paing to insure the scoob mate? i was paying just over 600 fully comp on my modded STI the tezza isnt much cheaper at 520! lol If it is the white RA i'm thinking off.. then i know the owner! :) I'm paying around 2K! Reason being is that i turned 25 in june! Renewal not due till next March! Been looking around for a IS200 Sport and still a lot of money for some very high mileage'd cars! :o
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome People :) Done a few insurance quotes for the IS200 and already £1500 cheaper than my Scooby!! :o Just need to advertise the Scooby now and then get the right IS200 Sport :)
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