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  1. Truth be told I just like tinkering :) have yet had an experiment blow up in my face (touch wood). Though I am thinking about buying an old Prius to fart around on now. Maybe if the tech improves and I can successfully not knacker the Prius I may well dive in after 5-6 years of ownership.
  2. Lexus have confirmed they wouldn't even attempt the mod, let alone support it (which I guessed would be the case). job itself I could potentially do my self, but I've got a good friend to support if I go ahead with it. My warranty's up soon so I've got to weigh up whether to purchase an extended warranty (how much are these incidently?) or go balls out and fit the mod. Seems to work pretty well on the prius, so I've no reason to suspect there isn't a good (although potentially marginal) benefit. If i'm correct, the strain on the existing battery shouldn't be an issue as the circuit looks as though it complements the battery rather than suppliments it. Although I haven't checked the installation in full yet. If it's the case that the additional battery puts any strain whatsever on the existing circuit, then I'll step away.
  3. Each to his own, but I couldn't live without my ML. I've had it in the 300h and my 250. When I've test driven non-ML IS's they just don't cut the mustard, no matter how much fiddling I do with the EQ the punchiness of a ML system can't touch it IMO. If I was buying new I'd probably think differently about it as an option if it were a lease, but considering I've had 6 years in my 250 and plan on keeping this one for 10 years, the difference in price on a used 300h wth ML or not was negligable and I may well have forked out more than the premium difference if I had to.
  4. I've never heard of the electric column breaking. That's the kind of thing (quite rightly) id be worried about in other cars, but it shouldn't keep you up at night in the 250
  5. Just emailed them to see if there's any problems fitting to a lex and also if they have any Europe resellers. I'll definitely go ahead if there's no major issues. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the link.
  6. You get a lot of toys with the se-l . might not ever find much use for the electric blind though (I only ever used to it show my kids some 'magic'
  7. I was tootling along the other day and I thought to myself "I wonder if it would be possible to upgrade the battery to one with higher capacity so it switches over to ev mode more". A quick Google shows that it's possible to convert to a plug in on the Prius. could such a thing be possible in the IS?
  8. I had a 250 for 6 years and over 100k miles. Ditto comments on how bulletproof they are. The only issues I ever had were: front headlamp washer snapped off one winter. The cold snap in 2011 (I think) made the reservoir under the washers expand and the mechanism remained popped out and it snapped off. Managed to find a replacement easy enough though. Catalytic failure. This would have been expensive (c3k parts from Toyota) but I found someone stripping a 250 in Lithuania and got the parts for £100 towards the end I had a persistent error code pertaining to torque clutch control. Perfectly drivable, but would judder now and again ever 100 miles or so from gears 2 to 3. I had that error code for 3 years and it never got bad enough to consider repair. I have to stress that this is very very rare. Apart from that, just tyres. 250s like going through them :)
  9. Quality on my 250 was second to one. It was an 06 plate, came to regass in 2015 and they said there was no point - still on original gas!
  10. Welcome purse. I've had all three IS's an all and I've noticed the mk3 doesn't get anywhere near as icy cold as the other two, maybe I've got the same problem. Glad to got it sorted :)
  11. Have you got these registered in the memory or have you just searched for postcodes? If you haven't registered them in the memory then go: menu memory register previous pick the the one you've found before and you can rename from there. if they're already in the memory then choose edit instead of register
  12. Cheers Rayaan. I've sent the pics to a few people to see what can be done. I had let my old 250 get very shabby on the wheels as I'd wanted to wait until they were on their last leg until I took the dip. Ended up costing alot less than I thought it would so I won't make the same mistake this time around - and whilst the curbing is subtle, I know it's there..!
  13. Someone was blocking the road I was just on and now I've curved one of the wheels!!!! Aaarrrrgggghh!!! Given the wheel type on f sport do Lexus need to touch up or can anyone do it?
  14. I love the XF, but the XE looks a tad odd to me from most angles (front looks a bit too American for my taste). Also the interior doesn't scream premium (IMO) as the Lex does :)
  15. I've mentioned this on another thread, but I recently undertook a long drive from Burton through to Paris and back. I found eco mode a tad counter-intuitive on motorways as to get good economy you should really be getting up to speed as quickly as possible - the long drawn out revs using eco means the engine's working harder to get up to speed. Once you're at speed it really doesn't matter if you're in eco/normal/sport. For me eco makes sense around town as the low speeds don't need a quick change in speed or any really maintenance of speed as it's so changeable around town With a bit of playing about I find the following to get the best performance: Town - eco Motorway - sport into sliproads, normal at roundabouts and cruising. With a fully packed car and 5 people I averaged 50MPG in the UK and 45MPG in France (most M-ways are 130km/hr limit; which I made use of)
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