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  1. Imagine how large the g and t is going to be when you've satisfied your and our curiosity.
  2. I had them on a 16 inch rim a few years ago, the gen 1s, they were great. They are available if I go 235/60R18. And this is the problem, off piste because Lexus choose poorly on the tyre size, they maybe fine in the US but not in the UK/most of Europe.
  3. Another option I guess would be to stick some Nokian WRSUV3 Nokian WR SUV 3 - 235/55 R20 105H XL TL on all year round and be done with it.
  4. My aging 2007 RX is coming up for a renewal. The latest model RX450h is looking like sensible money for a two year old now which we would keep for 5 to 8 years so worth investing in it to make it as we need it to use it all year round for all trips. However, the major blocker is the tyre choice. Both the 18s (235/65R18) and the 20s (235/55R20) are odd ball sizes. I have spoken to both Nokian and Michelin (as they have the big brand all season tyres of choice) and neither have any plans to bring them out in those sizes. I'm now looking at a different set of rims with more normal sized tyres on them so I can get either the Nokians or Michelin's ideally without them being special order and it looks doable on paper with a 18" or 19" inch rim. Personally, I'd be going 18" as I've don't see the appeal of stupidly big. There is the obvious stuff that would need to fit such as the holes, the offset and the size of the caliper versus the rim which I assume would be ok with 18" as the lowest spec model has 18" inch wheels as OEM (assuming no difference in braking and steering gear between the base and the other specs) but what about the tyre widths and speedo/odometer settings. I assume the weight would be ok with this Nokian WP tyre 235/60R18 107 V XL 975kg but the speedo, can it be easily adjusted? I can't help but think I am a bit bonkers looking at all of this prior to even test driving but I like to plan ahead. I'm aware it is quite common to go narrower on winter tyres but for the mileage we typically do a year two sets would be overkill. Yup, the originals wheels and tyre would go on ebay most likely.
  5. Set a speed on the motorway and it varies your speed according to distance from the vehicles in front, should make motorway driving easier on busy speed up and slow down motorways such as the M25.
  6. Hi all, Does anyone know if it is possible to fit the adaptive cruise control extra bits to turn the cruise control on a 2007 RX350 SE-L into ACC/PCS? Thanks.
  7. Hi Joe, Did you use Albin or DandB? My RX350 is up for a service soon and would like to get some experiences of the local independants. Thanks, James
  8. I have General Grubber UHP 235 55 R18 100V on mine, they are great in all conditions. Plenty of grip for sensible driving over the last couple of snowy weeks.
  9. Today I have changed my Bridgestone Potenzas to Conti UHP, after 42000 tough kms in Greece and Italy. The rear ones were in perfect condition,have switched them only once. So I suggest Potenza for both performance and durability. Brilliant i'll have a look. Has anyone tried any of these? They seem to be well rated for all weather types.
  10. Hi All, You guys and girls have been very helpful on things I have asked and questions others have asked in the past, so I thought I'd come to you first on this. We are thinking of moving to Zurich for at least a year with out RX350SE-L coming with us. We've had it for over the 6 months so importing it won't attract the VAT and as it is an EU spec it should get through the import exam automatically. However I'm not 100% sure if the lights pointing to the left (we drive on the left in the UK) would cause it to need changes to get it approved or if those clip on things you can get would make it pass. Either way I thought I would ask if anyone knows how they can be made to point to the right for driving on the right side of the road without new light units. We have the clever lights that look round corners and also they self adjust everytime we get in it when it is dark so I would have thought there is an inexpensive setting somewhere. I really like the car and we've lost quite a lot on it with the credit crunch and petrol prices rising so we are going to try and take it with us to help save my retirement fund. Many thanks as always, James
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you. James 2007 350 SE-L (enjoying being taxed to death)
  12. Snap, it does seem very conservative. Top Gear did this a while ago, going past the zero mile, IIRC Clarkson made it back from Milton Keynes to London on the Audi I think he was driving once the guage had said zero miles.
  13. Hi All, Just bought a 2007 RX350 SE-L (hence with the Nav, ICE and Mark Lev), on test driving one with the Lexus Ipod kit I discovered that it didn't do text and I could not see the normal ipod menus i.e. the artists/albulm/playlist selector, despite pushing text and the CD buttons lots of times. Music came out but other than skipable there wasn't much to it. I have 60GB video ipod, anyone know of what my current options are for this, what they provide in terms of functionality and if they are compatible with that ipod? Any tips and tricks with it would be good, e.g. set-up playlists like this and enable disk usage mode etc for all of the above to work. Don't really mind buying another ipod that is just for the car if it offer the full menus/selection through the nav screen. Thanks for any info in advance, James
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