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  1. Any cat back system for the Toyota Aristo Twin Turbo (JZS147) will fit the GS, although they are pricey, unless you can find one second hand. They share the same factory exhaust sytem apart from downpipes etc. The HKS Silent High Power cat back, with twin exit is £500 + vat, and is only mild steel up to rear boxes. A custom setup will be allot cheaper and you can choose how you want it to sound etc. Finding rare JDM Aristo exhausts isnt an easy task here in the UK, there are some lovely ones though!
  2. The only problem with the oil filter location in my eyes is if the filter your about to change is stuck on! Ive changed oil in cars with a much more anoying filter location. The 2JZ filters are easily seen and theres just enough room to get your hand down & twist it off. Try cleaning the filter & wearing a thick rubber glove for extra hand grip ;) Tigerfish, try loosening the filter so its ready to come off, then grab an old rag or towel and put it around it when you do actually take it off. Should help with the spils! My MR2 has a filter high up behind the exhaust manifold that you cant see, and its fitted at an almost upside down angle, impossible not to spill some :( But an old rag always helps minimise the swear words lol
  3. mk1 & mk2 mirrors are different. There are a few mk2 GS's being broken on eBay however, maybe you can source one from there and get a local bodyshop to colour code it for you?
  4. Oh i like the gold, dont think it looks dated at all. If anything it aids in the look of it being a grown up and an upmarket car. Has a bit of an American look to it too. One reason i have my GS is that i love Japanese cars but love driving big auto's in the states. So the best of both worlds. Do you have the "sport" decals in the rear qaurter glass windows and on the font bumper? If not, a member on here, "Sorted VTi will be able to make some for you. I replaced mine with gold ones.
  5. Falken are good, ive had some good experience with them and they have never dissapointed. On both my GS Sport, and my MR2. Federal's are also quite good now too, and haven porven themselves as of late. But seeing as they wont be sport tyres that are needed i'd prob look for a set of Goodyears. Try for prices.
  6. Car looks nice, good to have another Sport owner on here. I have only ever seen that colour in pictures, never spotted one, which i think's a good thing. Im a fellow owner of a 97 mk1 Sport :) Just click fast reply, "quote" will contain the previous posters message. Use "add reply" if you want a full list of options. P.S shame on the previous owner that ditched the TTE wheels :(
  7. I got mine from Tigerfish, a member on here.... I'll upload it to rapidshare and PM you the link when its done. The only issue is the pages although in the correct order are not seperated into catagories. You just need to word search or search through yourself. Its around 2000 pages. Its a big help :)
  8. When locking & unlocking, which arms and disarms the alarm, there should be no sound. Just the flashing hazzard lights and the sound of your locks. As for the actual siren, this should work when the alarm goes off. Mine does and its damn loud. Perhaps a good auto electrician could replace your faulty "siren" for you. Welcome to the Lexus owners club, get some pics of your Sport up
  9. If you dont want to make a mess of it yourself, a decent bodyshop would be able to rub it down and re-lacquer it for you. Shouldn't be too expensive, especially compared to new prices. I gave mine a light compound, polish then wax and it brought them up a treat :)
  10. Thanks lads, they really do suit the colours of the car better than the stock silver ones, and are every bit as subtle. Excellent qaulity too i may add :)
  11. Hi guys, thought i'd post a quick pic of my new gold Sport decals made for me by Sorted VTi, aka Neil. Car has gold badging, calipers etc. Thought some of you might appreciate them. Especially Tigerfish? :winky: All comments are welcome, good or bad. Thanks Neil, Ross edit: working now?
  12. Post some pics up, be nice to see the qaulity of them. I jetwashed, hand shampoo'd and lathered my 122k original mats and they have come up amazingly well. Should really get pics (car care geek) Perhaps some originals from breakers could be saved?
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