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  1. No worries, thanks for your reply Steve :winky:
  2. Thanks for all your responses guys. There's definitely a broad range of views which is great. If there are anymore, just post. Interested to hear why you would buy a hybrid, but also why you wouldn't. In response to the last few comments, I can see the point that the "green" credentials of current hybrids are debatable, but would you agree that it is a step in the right direction? That we're investing in a technology that can only get better in the future if we give it a chance?
  3. lol...that's an interesting take on hybrid cars...! But I agree the congestion charge is a complex issue. I can see both points of view, but do we think the fact that Lexus Hybrids won't be exempt from it anymore will have a strong negative effect on buyers considering one? Also, I'm getting the idea that general "quietness" is a major plus that hybrids have when compared to other cars?
  4. Ceejay and Parthiban - Think you really hit the nail on the head with your responses. I agree that there is too much talk about CO2 in general, while we're forgetting about everything else that pollutes and is potentially harmful to our health and planet. Therefore for someone who needs a a high performance luxury car, a Lexus Hybrid looks like the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable option. We're not saving the planet, but it's a step in the right direction. What do you think? This is a great conversation, lets keep the opinions and ideas flowing...
  5. That's very interesting and helpful, thanks for all your responses guys! Do we have anymore?
  6. Because I'd like to better understand how hybrids are perceived by those who have bought them. I have my own view (and Lexus has theirs), but that may not necessarily reflect how you all feel about it. That's why it would be great to have a conversation about it and share opinions. Thanks again
  7. Hi all Would really appreciate your thoughts on this, as I've been thinking about it for months and I'm not getting anywhere. Why have you bought Lexus Hybrids? Isn't a luxury hybrid an oxymoron, a logical contradiction? And if you don't care about the environment, why pay extra for a hybrid when non-hybrids (both Lexus and other marques) offer very similar performance and mileage? What I'm trying to understand is what makes Lexus Hybrids stand out to the extent that you would pay such a high price for them? What kind of a person is a Lexus Hybrid buyer/driver ? I can picture a Prius buyer, but not an RXh, GSh or LSh buyer Thanks in advance for your responses, this is really much appreciated
  8. Good point Steve, maybe it does need some other activities around it as well to attract further interest. What kind of Lexus related activities could work? (Also, you can listen, download and watch all the available LSO content on Scorps01 - lol, see your point...but that's why it's cool, someone who you wouldn't really expect to be there...the "one and only" man composing music for cars ;) As for the mailing list issues you all mention, again, I will pass these on as unfortunately I can't directly be of any help with that... But thanks again for all the comments....!
  9. Thanks for all your comments, really much appreciated The music was indeed composed to emphasise the capabilities of the Mark Levinson system (and to produce something new in general) but I can definitely see how this maybe wasn't to everyone's "taste". Therefore I fully agree that popular classics could be a good option for the future, or even natural sounds such as rain...that could create quite an interesting audio visual experience... As for the events, we would love to give everyone across the world a chance to experience them, as I agree that the DVD cannot fully portray how great they were. Moreover, the first UK ones were in Crystal Palace near London and in Castle Howard near York...but we're open to suggestions on where to take the cars next. Jim - apologies for not using my first name, but I usually don't reveal personal details publicly online. However, I'm happy to talk on first name terms via PM...! ;-) Jamie - Thanks for letting me know. I will definitely pass your feedback on to the relevant people. But this is very useful stuff guys, lets keep it going. The more ideas/opinions/feedback I can get, the better!
  10. Pity I'm going to post a negative comment initially, but it would have helped if the disk posted with the latest edition Lexus Magazine regarding the making of the LSO (!) concept had played. After several abortive attempts on my computer and DVD/CD player I binned it. Oh no, sorry to hear that! You can now watch and download the same videos from and the YouTube page that has been set up. Will let the guys know, but hope that helps for now... Anyways, what do you think of the LSO? Was it a good idea? Should we take it forward next year, and if so, how? Look forward to hearing your thoughts...
  11. Hi everyone, I work with Lexus and would like to make you aware of a unique musical event that we recently organised in the UK, the Lexus Symphony Orchestra. 12 LS460’s entertained crowds by playing specially commissioned tracks through their Mark Levinson speakers. The music was composed by Chesney Hawkes, Chris Nicolaides and Alastair King and was designed to showcase both the upbeat and soft sides of the sound system. Behind the scenes footage, videos of the performance and free mp3’s of the tracks can be found here: More pictures are here: The Recording and Rehearsal Videos are currently available here for download (will add all the others soon). Now the important bit! We’re looking for ideas on how to develop the Lexus Symphony Orchestra concept. We have a few thoughts, but rather than keeping it to ourselves, why not get opinions from you guys, Lexus connoisseurs? What would you like to see next? Would merchandise be of interest? What music should the cars play? And so on..... So, lets get some ideas and thoughts flowing...
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