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  1. I have a 57 plate IS250 with MM, Lexus loaned me a new 10 plate IS220d whilst they repaired my car (after they reversed it into another car), and that had the newer version of MM. That allowed you to play music via Bluetooth and use the buttons. My question is can mine be updated? What are the options? Thanks, Darren.
  2. Watch with some dealers! I leased mine over 3 years at 15,000 per year Now my lease ends 1st September the sales guy rang me and told me it wasn't worth the resale value, put £5,000 in and he would get me a new one. TAWT He said I had leased it at 12,000 miles per year! No I did not! Why would I sign up for and pay for 4 services, 15,000 per year = 45k 1 service every 10k I believe the sales manager amended my forms as I drove the price down on the day! I will probably buy it at the end so not a big deal. Otherwise it would cost me 10p per mile over 36,000! It's 41,000 now!
  3. I have the older one with no indicator but had a big stone chip knock a 10mm chunk out of the bottom. I was told I couldn't change the plastics so had to get a full unit plus painting (perle white) A scrap dealer wanted £220 for a black one! ROBBER!
  4. I have just had all 4 changed under warranty (2 years 10 months old) They did back my car into a pickup truck during it's service! It took over 6 weeks to get it back.
  5. Hi, I got a 57 plate "IS 250 SE-L with MM" from new and while it is being serviced, I was loaned a brand new IS 220d with MM. What I noticed is the the MM system is newer and looks different. You can use Bluetooth to stream music from the iPhone (pretty cool, saves pluggin in a cable) There is a USB point for music. You can enter numbers and destinations while driving. So, the question is, does anyone know if the older version can be flash upgraded? I know the maps can be upgraded on DVD but the whole MM system is different. Ta, Darren.
  6. Just sweeped my street and for bomb detonators and the good news is we are all clear I live in a field in Standish and there is one other neighbour with a WIFI network (other than me). I have even changed my channel and even turned it off but it stil had would not work for that evening. I have had my broadband for 5 years with 6 differnet routers (because I work in IT and buy all kinds of routers for support testing). So... I am not sold on this idea. I need to find out the actual frequencies and not just bollocks about bomb detonators! (sorry!) But I always look for a simple problem than NORAD or MI5 targeting a 2 square meter area of my road! Since Lexus reprogrammed my fobs and car, the bad guys have gone home... :shutit: Simple... IT IS A BUG!! Get over it! Have a great new year.
  7. Hi all Lexus members [ignoring what part we are in] It seems this affects the same technology on any new Lexus so comments should help you ALL I have been back the the dealer as there is a BUG where the keyfob can be jammed. All working now. If you want to know how, look in IS250 Ta, Darren. Have a great new year! (No need to reply to increase your numbers :winky: )
  8. Well, this morning i tried again. The remote still wouldn't work so i popped the cover off the door lock and turned the key and the alarm activated. I tried to start the car by pressing the button with the remote but it said "No key detected". Tried 3 times and then the alarm stopped and then pressing the button with the fob worked. I moved the car to the drive and the remote started working! Spoke to Lexus and after me insisting the both remotes were not flat batteries, they agreed to swap out the remotes and reprogram to a new frequency. As I am taking it in in 2 weeks for a service, I agreed to do it then. I have searched for wifi points around the car and found 3. I have changed my frequency from 11 to 1 and still no joy. My car has been parked in the same place every night for the last 14 months but this is the first time. Maybe someone has just fitted some device near me. The person at Lexus Manchester advised that there are some well known sites (trafford Centre is one of them I was told), that caused this type of fault. Lets see what happens.
  9. It's in the same spot where i have always parked it. How do I get it working again? Just tried it again and still will not open. I don't want to wake the neighbours at 23:58 by setting off the alarm again so will wait till morning. I have done a WIFI scan and there is my router (Draytek) and a Linksys none with any strong signal. Does anyone know what procedure to follow in getting it to start? Ta, Darren,
  10. Welcome. You seem to be slightly in the wrong place for the best advice, in that you've posted in the IS200 forum, and you'll probably find more IS250-knowledgeable members in the IS250 subforum here. I'm sure that someone there will have some ideas for you :winky: Thanks, just posted in the IS250 area.
  11. Does anyone know why both keyfobs would stop working? This happened this evening. i went to the car pressed the boot button and it opened. I went out about 30 mins later and tried to open the car and it would not. I used the fob but nothing. I thought the battery may be low (14 months old) so got the spare. That wouldn't open either. I popped the lock cover and opened the car with the key. the alarm activated but the fobs still wouldn't work. I left the car locked outside. I can ring Lexus tomorrow but would like to find out sooner. Cheers, Darren.
  12. Just gone to get in my car [iS250 2007] and the fob would not work Thought the battery may be flat so got the spare. That wouldn't work also! Both led's flash on the fob. It is like the car has forgot both fobs! Opened the door with the key and the alarm went off. Tried keys again but no joy! I will have to ring either Lexus in the morning. any ideas?
  13. Hi, tried that a few times (kept coming back in and reading again). When I let go of the odo button, it changes to Trip A. I have cleared Trip A and Trip B. I held if for well over 15 seconds (about 20 or more). Mine is a 57 IS250 SE-L -MM Is it possible or is there another way? Thanks, Darren. I kept looking and I found this post to hold the button for 30 seconds THEN plug the seat belt in. That did it. after 30 seconds, as soon as I plugged in the seat belt, it came up b on. As I let go of the button, it said b off. GREAT!!! I went round the block just to check and someone pulled out infront of me! I went my head hit the windscreen and the air bag hit me in the chest..... NAH!!! just kidding. It is good to have options! Hey, taxi drivers don't have to wear seat belts as they are supposed to be in and out of cars to load your bags, cases YEAH RIGHT!! And go on... which taxi company will have Lexus cars.....???? Well. There are loads listed in London inc all kinds of top cars. This is due to taxis don't have to pay the congestion charge... So if i lived there, my car would be a taxi.!! So.. how do I get BBC1 on my MM? Ta, Darren.
  14. Hi, tried that a few times (kept coming back in and reading again). When I let go of the odo button, it changes to Trip A. I have cleared Trip A and Trip B. I held if for well over 15 seconds (about 20 or more). Mine is a 57 IS250 SE-L -MM Is it possible or is there another way? Thanks, Darren.
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