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  1. That's what I figured 😉. I totally believe you, but I'm still a bit puzzled by the Type 68 vs Type 69 references in other threads. The Bosch links posted earlier seem to contain no reference to different types. Maybe the 027 replaced the 026 Type 69? Anyway, thanks. I'll take a punt on the S4 026 and hope it does the job.
  2. Dear All, long time no post. I'm confused. As will become manifestly clear very soon, I'm not much a of a mechanic but the local Lexus garage want to charge me about £350 to supply and fit a new battery (I'm in Switzerland) for my IS 250 (2007/08). They did this previously, 3.5 years ago, and the battery has, they say, only a 3 year warranty so I'm not falling for that again. After reading and re-reading all the posts I can find, it seems I should be going for Bosch S4 026 Type 68. But here's why I'm confused -- every S4 026 I see has the positive terminal on the right: and no mention of Type 68 (which everyone here says is the correct one) or Type 69 (apparently the wrong one). And I've seen messages saying don't get the S4 027 as the terminals are on the wrong side. OTOH, the Bosch site itself says that the correct battery for the IS 250 is the S4 027, and as hoped, the positive terminal is on the left: BUT... both 026 and 027 seem to have the terminals at the front whereas mine has them at the back. Am I going nuts? My car has the positive terminal on the left. Is that the same as everyone else? If so, surely S4 027 is the correct one? But will the front terminal cause a problem? And perhaps a very stupid question, is the battery not a uniform shape i.e. can I not simply turn round a battery whose terminals are the wrong way round? Thanks for any enlightenment!
  3. May I trouble one of the experts for some advice please? Exactly 4 years I bought a set of 5 winter tyres for my IS 250. The car was new, and in error, I didn’t realise that the spare in the boot wasn’t a standard wheel/tyre as I’d had on previous cars. So anyway, I’ve had this unused spare for 4 years, and as I now need a new set of winter tyres I’m wondering if I can use the spare and just buy 3 to make up the numbers. I have read that tyres deteriorate with age, but should a 4 year old still be OK? It’s been sitting undisturbed in an indoor cellar for 4 years, kept cool and dry and in the dark for all that time. It’s a high quality Dunlop. Can’t recall the exact product but it was at the higher end of the range. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance. Fred
  4. Hi All I live in Switzerland, and it's time to buy some summer tyres. I'm planning to buy online ( and get them delivered to a local garage for fitting. But am a bit lost looking at the vast choice of tyres for my IS 250 (205/55R16). All the usual makes are available, plus several I've not heard of. Any advice on what to go for / avoid? Or is it a simple case of the more you pay the longer they'll last? Any insight / pointers would be gratefully received. Thank you. Fred.
  5. Can anyone advise please? I am in Switzerland, and recently had a minor slide when coming down a steep snowy road in my 2007 IS 250. My front wheel hit some grass banking and I managed to damage it. I broke one of the 'spokes'. Took it to the local Lexus garage who say that one new wheel will cost 770 CHF, which is £512 at current exchange rates! This sounds totally ridiculous to me. Everything is a bit more expensive here (for instance about £450 for a major service) but really, 512 for a single replacement wheel (not even the tyre) seems crazy. They said this is the price quoted by Lexus in Brussels which I'm presuming is some sort of European spares hub (?) Can anyone shed any light on this costing, or offer an alternative idea? It wouldn't be the end of the world for me to stick the car in my garage for a few weeks, and arrange the purchase of an alternative from a cheaper source. A cursory Google search suggests that I could get something far cheaper if I could be bothered organising it myself. If I was to order my own, does anyone have a recommendation for what sort of wheel(s) to buy, and a good source? Location doesn't matter as long as they will ship here. Thanks in advance. I'm a total car-phobe when it comes to this sort of simple practical matter. I am normally happy to leave to to the garage but this seems way over the top to me.
  6. Fair enough - that's what I would normally do (the peering at the tyres bit). It was only that I won't see the car for a few days and I wanted to try and get these tyres ordered today. But it can wait. You're probably right. Cheers.
  7. Could some kind person assist please? I want to order some new summer tyres online for my IS 250 (standard petrol model, bought end 2007), but the car isn't here and I can't be certain of the tyre size. I just had a look at the Lexus UK site and it seems the current IS 250 has two different specs for front and rear, which seems odd. Could be because of alloy wheels? Not sure. Can someone tell me what size tyres I should be ordering for my model of the IS 250? It is the bog-standard model; no special sporty branding. Any assistance appreciated.
  8. Exactly.....our american friends are always changing/upgrading thier lamps, buy a pair of thier discarded lamps on ebay.....or put a wanted on the US Lexus site. Thanks - good idea. I guess I have to be sure that the US ones are the same spec as the Swiss authorities demand. They are notoriously picky. Hmm. Interesting, but sounds too good to be true for Switzerland. I'll inquire, but would be astonished if it was that easy.
  9. Can someone help or advise please? I am living/working in Switzerland at the moment, and brought my UK-registered IS 250 with me. Now, after a year driving on UK plates I need to have the car properly registered in Switzerland. This means an inspection, which in turn means getting some work done in advance. The main issue is the headlights. Designed for driving on the left side of the road, the lamps point left. In driving on the other side, the lamps need to point the other way. So far, so obvious. So I take the car to the garage to have the conversion done and they tell me there is no way of adjusting the beam. I have to have new lamps fitted, which will cost 2,300 CHF just for the parts. At current exchange rates this is around £1700. Part of me thinks I should sell the car in the UK and buy again in Switzerland. But car prices here are horrendous. About £40K for a new IS 250. About 18 - 19K for a 3-4 year old which is the age of my car. What to do?? Does anyone here have any experience of replacing headlights for European registration? Perhaps it could be done much cheaper in Germany or France? Is there really no alternative to replacing the whole unit? Naively, I thought perhaps the beam could be manually adjusted. Could I buy the unit myself elsewhere for much less, I wonder? Any thoughts / advice / or even just sympathy would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  10. I don't want to describe it as the "base model" as it's such a pleasure to own and to drive, but it's not an SE or SEL. I'm very pleased with it. Everyone who sees it or gets in it just coos about it, and turns green with envy.
  11. I'm astonished by what I've been reading on this thread. I had a 10K service on my IS250 a couple of weeks ago at Lexus Reading. Cost me £139 + VAT, including wash etc. They couldn't have been more helpful. Went through everything that had been done, and no attempt made to rip me off. In fact they were encouraging about how little wear my tyres and brakepads were showing. The 20K service will be more expensive as it's a more thorough service but I didn't ask how much it would cost. Overall, very pleased with Lexus Reading.
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