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  1. Ok so pulled out one of the rear light clusters but if i am looking at the correct bulb for the brake light it has 3 wires into it any idea which 2 i need to splice the red and black wires from spoiler into ? Would it work if i spliced them into the 3rd brake light as that only has 2 wires?
  2. Bulb issue sorted it was because i put an LED bulb in high/3rd brake light ?? Replaced with regular again is hidden in parcel shelf now anyway as not used. Even with all the bank holidays i have still not wired this spoiler light up as i dont have the connection on the corner on the boot lid only one in the centre so need to run longer wires into standard brake light or 3rd brake light but just to check What wire should i use is it a certain gauge or whatever as will rather buy the right stuff that works than just use some random wire out the shed? Cheers
  3. I've searched web looking for instructions how to wire these up as i bought a pair hi/low to replace originals that came without instructions all i found was videos of trucks with massive ship and train horns on. I could only see 1 short video of something similar but it had a whole load of wires including to the battery and a relay ? Do i need to go with this as i was hoping they were just plug n play as i hate fiddly wiring jobs. They have 2 terminals (not marked) and the bracket bar which i guess is the earth ? Any ideas/diagrams Cheers
  4. I went with the clear fogs and am happy. Only £40 brand new too bargain on ebay. Just need to add some extra wire to reach the rear brake light to wire in the spoiler light at weekend as i cannot find the mentioned connection that should be under the boot lid? However since putting the fogs in my handbrake light stays on and googling showed a rear bulb issue. I did use the red bulbs that came with the lights and they light up when turned on but the warning light only came on once i installed the fogs? Any ideas
  5. Lookin at that pic i am in 2 minds whether to change the fogs to clear or not ?
  6. The brake light just needs wiring up it has 2 seperate wires red+black but i thought it was supposed to be a plug i guess it got changed think i am goin to splice them onto rear brake light or the parcel shelf one which i need to hide anyway.
  7. Its on. Same principal as the blu tack (ihgs300) The 3m worked spot on. well the 2nd time as i needed to make the spoiler side less sticky then it came away and stuck to the car easily. (Hopefully pic worked forgot how to post pic from ipad) Thanks
  8. Will try using the 3m in the same way n see how it goes. Will post a pic afterwards when fitted or wont if i mess it up ! Thanks
  9. I tried some double sided pads stuff before that didnt go too well but will go get some blue tack and try that Thanks. I have a roll of 3m double sided too which was great for the small lip one i just took off but i guess it has bolts because it needs them n dont fancy risking it fallin off in a couple of weeks
  10. I bought a spoiler and am finaly round to fitting it. Its a genuine lexus part the spoiler that is slightly raised with a brake light. The only issue i have is getting the holes marked for drilling. It has 2 either end and 2 in the centre (1 bolt and 1 for cable) i read from new they come with some kind of template but obv i dont have that so was wondering what anyone could recommend instead so as i get the holes marked in the right place? I have the one shot at drilling them so i need to mark them correctly Thanks
  11. I not long put springs on mine and you definately gotta slow right down for speed bumps. I never used to bother and didnt get any scraping especially at rear as standards are very high. But now i crawl over them after catching all the plastics underneath and ripping them off the other week. Plus as Stuart mentions its a stiffer ride too so if you hit em too hard you definately feel it. I lowered mine on tein springs purely because the rear looked way too high but now it does look a lot better and should handle better. But I would still definately recommend lowering though.
  12. carlb

    Is200 Battery Rod

    That would be great cheers
  13. carlb

    Is200 Battery Rod

    Just need the back vertical rod (J shape) and the bolt that holds the battery bar in place just the one nearest windscreen Thanks
  14. carlb

    Is200 Cooling Panel

    Yes please Thanks
  15. carlb

    Is200 Cooling Panel

    Just want one of these for engine dress up and if it does actually cool engine then bonus Thanks
  16. carlb

    Strut/tower Covers

    Cant seem to find these anywhere am just starting on engine bay dress up n would like some of these? Thanks
  17. Recently had car lowered so have been trying to keep it slow over speed bumps but missed a huge unpainted one this evening and its caught on the plastic cover thing underneath. It has pulled the plastic off a couple of the bolts as in made the holes bigger so bolts are still on car but would need some pretty big washers on them in order to hold the plastic up so its hanging down. The bolts seem really rusted and i reckon may be a ball ache to get them off on the driveway do i need the plastic or is it just cosmetic as i think it will be easier to pop the rest of it off than fix. Its the centre piece in a strip from front to back next to exhaust cat? Pipe ? Thanks
  18. Exhaust is next on my list too but am a bit hesitant to buy one as i dont want to spend a fortune when as with the induction kit its not really givin me any gains just a nice sound. They range from £45 to hundreds on ebay etc but i wouldnt want one that sounds stupid loud just a little added purr to it but i guess theres no way of telling how loud it would be unless its a brand name one or without hearing the same one already on a car. Had mine 6 years now i think and i do love the colour especially in the sun after a polish n wax.
  19. Got the is200 back from garage this evening and am very happy now as i fitted the tein springs (thanks Moley) along with all new pads. I was worried that the only 23mm rear drop wouldnt look any different as the rear was ridiculously high originaly but it turned out nice Before After Its not super low but hopefully handling will be a little better and it looks much better at the rear.
  20. I have found a proffesional not to far away who will do full rear tints for £100 not mobile he is in a proper unit. I bought 70% tint as i just wanted a suttle rear tint like standard on sports but 70 was too light as i have the cream/light interior so i think i will get him to do 50% but will try them against glass when i go nxt week Cheers
  21. What a waste of 3 hours. I had already ordered the pre cut kit so thought would just have a crack at the rear window. I completely stripped the rear of the car Seats,pillars,parcel shelf etc just to get as much access as possible as the bottom of the window is impossible to reach with the speakers in place. I heat shrunk it on the outside first to get the curvature of the window not a single bubble or crease but once inside it was impossible to get the edges down the middle was spot on but after an hour of trying to use various tinting tools i gave up even with everything out theres is so little room so as predicted i lost it and ripped it all off. Just glad i didnt do the side windows first or it would of looked stupid. Anyone know a place or someone in Manchester who could fit it at a reasonable price my local place wanted £175 for just the rears!! ? Thanks
  22. That looks amazing and is really shiny great job ! I am set to do the full clay polish wax etc tomorow. I have all the meguires stuff but no sealent i missed that step when i did it couple months ago will pick some up in the morning. You list 2 waxes do you use both as in 2 different wax coats as i only did one coat of each product ? I did all mine by hand too is it a better finish with a polisher or just easier? May just buy one tomorow whilst im in the shop. Thanks
  23. Pretty quick and easy job there was just enough space to make a hole big enough as the pipe is quite thick around 90mm wide. So hopefuly the induction kit will now feed cooler air into the engine. Might spruce up the engine bay when i have time. I Really want one of the engine covers that covers the right side of the engine when the standard air filter box is removed but i guess they are custom made Thanks
  24. So i think will try both n modify an original scoop along with the cold feed pipe from bumper it will have a 90deg angle anyway so water prob wont go up it. Just need to confirm the cutting a hole where the mark is on the below image Will look into fabricating some air box too but i saw an image where someone had put some kind of "jacket" over the main pipe to keep it cool ? Thanks
  25. Jesus £400 for some plastic might give that a miss. Maybe just the intake box n fabricate something myself to cover the filter !