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  1. Hopefully can install another software thing on it ?? Will have to google that. Luckily i know couple guys off ********** that have done similar in power button mod and unit wiring so hopefully get them to do it once unit delivered. To be honest rarely use sat nav so was just a perk having a screen in car
  2. I just ordered a gps all in one thing off ebay it plays movies n stuff too looks more like a tablet and can hook reverse camera upto it so am going to mod the power button and hard wire it in(once i am 100% sure how to) to ignition. Might get some help on that once its delivered and units all put back together.
  3. I also have the original screen that i will not need if anyone wants it the guy i bought the unit off said it definately works but i obv couldnt test as dont have lexus sat nav built in car
  4. I bought the sony model off ebay cheap it fits perfect and does turn on and off with ignition but its crap. I cant even update it it or even connect it to my laptop as it doesnt even work with windows 7 or anything after xp. So it looks like i need to buy something else newer and up to date that does the power on/off with ignition or modify the power button. No point in buying the motorised unit and wiring it all up to stick this prehistoric sat nav in.
  5. hi guys, i too have purchased just the sat nav motorised unit so as i can use it to house a touchscreen sat nav. i really want it just for the look. so i have read a few posts saying its just 3 wires but cannot find a post with any diagrams or how to guides on this as am not too bad with wiring but i really dont wanna mess up my car electrics. can anyone show me a link or explain best way to wire up the unit so as it opens and closes etc. i dont have original stereo i have replaced it with an aftermarket one. secondly does it matter which sat nav i buy so long s it fits in i see alot of old sony ones being mentioned? i would also need to wire the power to the sat nav up so as it gets power once ignition is turned on right? thanks,
  6. called lexus manchester and i cant order the parts over the phone for collection i have to go in first which due to work wont be till saturday so wont be looking to get the parts till sometime next week but need my car sorted asap. anyone know somewhere i could pick the caliper carrier and bolts up sooner ( is there other new parts suppliers or just direct with lexus) cheers
  7. brakes have been fine past week But today on way home from work its happened again luckily just pulling up to my house not whilst on motorway 2mins earlier ! so now its knackered again i reckon i need to replace the carrier and both bolts with new ones anyone know where i can order these from asap i'm guessing just lexus ? would i just call Lexus Manchester if so what part numbers should i ask for? cheers
  8. recieved bolt thanks for that. i started to put bolt in and tighten but once it was almost done as in it was harder to tighten with ratchet it kinda went easy again so i think it may be the part that the bolt goes into that has a knackered thread. i left it in but m worried it may fall out again as not tight enough. do you know what part the bolt actualy tightens into is it the caliper carrier thing as i wanna search for one of those and replace that for extra piece of mind as i drove today but was a bit paranoid about it flipping up everytime i pressed the brake. cheers,
  9. thanks a lot for that i reckon you've just saved me a load of hassle and getting ripped off by a garage for it.
  10. yeah definately the bolts on carrier part its the bottom one i can see is missing allowing the whole caliper to flip up. you call them pins is that the same as a bolt not something diffrent ? you can see the missing bolt this pic is taken form inside wheel arch facing outwards so the missing bolt is at the bottom. what should i ask for for this bolt/pin ? thanks
  11. Hi Guys Finally had new pads and discs put on the front of my is200 which were well over due so now braking is (was) perfect. driving to work this morning i heard a rumbling noise i thought my tyre had gone so i pressed the brake to slow down and the car vibrated like mad. pulled over and saw the caliper was touching the alloy and shredding it. i thought wheel had moved or something but turned out it was the caliper that had moved. i whacked the end of the caliper and it moved back into place - put wheel back on and it spun fine but then as i drove off it happened again it seems like the caliper is flipping up and hitting the alloy. i had them done friday and have been driving fine so reckon he didnt put the bottom bolt in properly and its come out. its the 2 bolts that hold the caliper bracket in place then the pads and rest of caliper is placed into this ( hope someone understands which i mean) 2nd image using the breaker bar and 17mm from this very helpful thread !! any one know where i could get this bolt i dont know size or anything apart from its a 17mm. i have tried local scrappy but no lexus in to take one off ? cheers Carl
  12. ok thanks i will email the guy see if he will swap a 90 alloy for silcone
  13. says it includes 2 x 90 deg bends? 2 x 90 Degree Alloy Bends 2 x 45 Degree Alloy Bends 2 x 300mm Long Straights 8 x 76mm Long Silicone 8 x T Bolt Clamps do i need to use a silicone one connecting to the throttle body thing or can i use one of the 2 that aluminium/metal ones are included ? cheers
  14. logged onto ebay to order all the parts for the induction kit as works out a lot cheaper as recommended in previous post. whilst adding all the bits i noticed this shop offers a kit at very reasonable price the cone isnt included but they are cheap enough would this be missing anything apart from that or is this everything i need and to check will it def fit does anyone know? i emailed them but no responce yet. thanks guys
  15. Hi guys looking for the bit of plastic that goes in the front console to hold cups.checked the usual ebay but nothing apart from $70 replacements from america. cant see any is2/300's in local scrap yards either. didnt have one in car when i bought it but tried putting drinks in without it but ends up in a mess so would be more useful than you would think Any1 near manchester have one or knows wher ecan get one ( dont mind paying for it and can collect) cheers
  16. nice one will post pic of it once done ( or of any probs i encounter) thanks for the info
  17. Great will get onto that this weekend. so to check from the 90 deg bend from throttle body is that simply a long tube/pipe made up of steel tubes and bends to go around engine bay all the way to the air filter cone. also the carbon fiber lookin part - air intake looks similar to the one on the car already but modified is that necessary or just bonus as have seen a few pics on google where the pipe simply goes from throttle body to that front corner. sorry for all the questions not all that clued up on mechanics but how does the bit near the throttle body work as in the smaller pipe coming off the main pipe at start - sorry dunno what that is looks like some kinda sensor or somethin? but thanks alot for the info it looks like i am gonna save a fortune (so long as i get this right )
  18. not as simple as i thought. so i nipped to halfords on my lunch and bought a new negative terminal connector only 1 type available which seems to be a standard round connection with the bit to attach cable into it with 2 screws. however when i looked properly it appears the ones on the car already are right angled from across the top of battery and down the side to the cable using metal connections. the cable is very tight and has no play in it so wont reach the new connector when i put it on as i would have to take the metal angled bit off the end of the cable this looks like european or something so the negative is on left side but the same setup i did notice they sell positive and negative cables about 12" long on the same display at halfords could i replace the cable too? i cant actually see where the other end goes though or connects to? probably making a simple job complicated but just cant figure it and i hate messing with any electrics on the car thanks
  19. am gonna replace both terminal connections tomorrow that seems simple enough job. when you say check connections especially ones to chassis how many n where will i find these to do so ? thanks Carl
  20. Hi Guys, would love an induction kit but are over 200 even on ebay however seen a thread on here last time about buying the pipes separately and making your own for a lot less. i trawled through ebay and found loads of the silicone pipes, bends etc in diff colours. but can any one gimme a list of which sizes i need to make one including any accessories and essentials like connectors,seals etc. A diagram would be great too if any one could do one. cheers
  21. Hi guys, i have an is200 which has coughed up a new issue. i drove the car fine several times yesterday no problems then came home and about 3-4 hours later went to start the car and nothing happened as if battery was total dead. it wasnt of cause as i had been driving fine all day and hadnt left lights or anything on. the courtesy light came on and when i tried turning key in ignition sometimes the dash lights came on and sometimes nothing but there was no clicking or attempt to turn over then after a few tries totaly nothing couldnt lock car either. so i presumed was my battery so i had to put the car in neutral and pushed it back a bit as was parked facing the wall too close for access. i tested the battery and was fine couldnt see anything obvious (not mechanic and was also dark) so closed bonnet and just tried it again out of curiosity and it started totaly normal? i have today seen my connection for the black/negative is a little dodgy as in its looks a bit knackered from being taken off n on and doesnt seem very tight although have tightened it to max seems worn. i hope its just a case of replacing this but is there anything else i should check too? N.B my car usually starts immediatelt on turn of key but recently its sounded a bit tired as if battery is dead but still starts. might be due to cold weather and me being picky as is literaly an extra 2 seconds ! thanks
  22. erm battery is fairly new and still in good condition. if the alternator is faulty would the engine warning light not come on as it hasnt again. it did come on along with the flashing trc off light i reset the ecu by taking the battery out to check charge a couple of weeks ago but the lights have not come back on so cannot get a code reading but in meantime am having what seems to be an electronic problem with the alternator or something? cheers
  23. hi am having some big problems at mo with my is200 auto :tsktsk: whereby it wont start properly last few days as in weak start and only just starting. once it starts battery level is low and gradually goes up. drove couple of miles last week at night with lights on etc and battery level was dipping and eventually died and was an AA job. have fairly good subwoofer etc but nothing major but have been keeping this off to lighten the load etc which is boring on way to work . the AA guy said looks like alternator anyone have an idea where i can pick one up cheap as looking on web they seem pretty expensive and its nearly christmas !! thanks Carl
  24. yeah i asked my m8 about doin a diagnostic check but he said as the warning light hasnt come on at all it prob wont show anything ???
  25. Hi i have an is200 auto and recently have been having some random engine cut outs. at first i thought it was only ever happening whilst turning right but happened yaesterday whilst in a straight line. it doesnt happen often say once a week but when it happens its pretty dangerous as i loose my steering etc going around corners etc. aswell as being well embarrassing as being an auto i have to stop and put it in park to restart ! someone said it may be my throttle body but its very expensive to replace, i have scouted the web and seen many pages discussing cleaning it. when i have the car sat idleing say on the drive and i press the accelerator its wierd to explain but before the usual engine rev sound appears i can here a quick dry sound from the throttle body kinda like a cough sound stupid but i dunno if that is supposed to happen. if any one has had a similar problem or knows a solution it would be appriciated carl