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  1. £230 25 years old with LV. Don't ask how/why though - I didn't!!!!! :D
  2. How much did you pay? According to their site it'll be ~£370 ex delivery. Does sound expensive doesn't it but hopefully fleebay is cheaper. I have noticed no-one has given any suggestions for anything else.........Come on guys there must be more than one mfr of Drilled & Grooved disks for the lexy?
  3. You got the Rotordisc ones right? I'm gonna get them then - doesn't sound like there are major probs with them and I don't really hammer the car much....Thanks for your help Lexus 2D - we must talk at the next meet. I fitted my Grom kit yesterday and it's great! no more Tape thingy whirrring away. I also bought Philips BlueVision fog bulbs and think they're an absolute waste of money. They look almost identical to the orig lexus ones - the only thing I can think is that the Fogs have some sort of filter in that makes any bulb colour look yellow. Anyone confirm? My aim is to get the fogs same colour as my HIDs.
  4. Ive got Mintex pads already - our local Discount Parts store sells em and we've been using them on all our cars (Clio, Pug205, Accord etc) for ages ! Neva thought they were anything special though, until I fitted them to my Lex - when they heat up they make the brakes feel really good (sort of like the pads are covered with something sticky and they jsut won't let the disk turn) Would definately recommend em and they are cheaper than anything else (which surprises me - perhaps you guys are using some special race mintex or something?) Where is Lexus 2D? Please give us your opinions! Whats this about hoses as well? I may have missed a trick here......Tell me more. Link perhaps? Got my Densos, Grom kit, boot lip spoiler, etc today so gonna fit em when i get home tonight. Ohhhhh why do I have to work for a living
  5. Hi Guys, Been looking for a front & rear set of Drilled & Grooved brake disks for my '04 IS200 LE. I saw the RotorDisc ones but heard some scare stories about them causing pads to crumble and also that they are actually smaller than the standard disks! Anyone else heard anything good/bad about them? I saw someone at the LOC WIM Knowledge Meet with them on, but never got to speak to the owner. Anyway, I haven't resigned myself to those so am open to suggestions for any other makes etc. CHeers :D
  6. Where did you get them from? I am shocked at the price of spacers! all they are are fancy machined pieces of metal, and they want ~£100!!!
  7. how much does this cost??? Heard a price of £85 +vat being thrown about at the WIM meet which seems like a propa bargain. I may not be the best source of info though........ Good to see you too Roheel - you be at the next meet?
  8. I'm defo gonna do it after I put my springs & spacers on. You guys are really makin me jealous now.....
  9. Hi Guys brilliant day out - will definately be at any of the other get togethers, be it JAE or another WIM day. Sadly you have all managed to infect me with your modifying Bug, hence my previously unmodified IS LE is now going to get some luuuurve: 1) Auto closing mirrors 2) Painted Calipers (I'm thinking turquoisey blue for some reason) 3) Grom Audio adaptor 4) An improvement of ChrisS's TomTom One mounting (cheers for the idea mate ;-) ) by purchasing a desk mount and modifying it to mount in the space where built in sat nav should be, with some sort of damping system (still looking into it) so that when you open the top cover the tom tom magically raises out of the hole, with no need for messy wiring etc 5) mount for nokia N95 in ash tray space with built in charging etc 6) lowering on Eibach springs 7) small spacers (5-15mm) for a more aggresive stance 8) K&N airfilter 9) Denso IK20 Iridium spark plugs 10) electrical grounding kit 11) Small boot lip spoiler and last but definately not least: 11) TRIP TO WIM TO GET SOME MUCH NEEDED ATTENTION FROM THE DOCTOR I must say I am thoroughly annoyed at what you have all done to me, but must also say Thankyou for rekindling an old passion of mine
  10. I'll be there! Drivin from Denham if anyone wants to meet on the way. Anyway what time do you all think? I'm notoriously grumpy in the morn.......
  11. Khurmit

    IS200 LE

    My Pride & Joy
  12. You have PM mate. Stav Oh tell us all please Stav!! I'm gonna do this if there's a solution to the dash as well. Actually what about the steroe nothing can be done about that
  13. Isle of man I believe - no speed limits on the roads out of town!
  14. HA HA ! The wonders of t'internet never cease to amaze me!! I too have an LE and just got this prob today driving home!!! Ten minutes later, you guys have it all figured out! And you had already figured it out 5 months ago. BRILLIANT Now, does anyone think this job could be done by myself? I am a fairly competant mechanic.........How much for just the sensor?? Actually let me try the WD40 method 1st.....
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