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  1. You are getting an IS200 and you have just been told that it's rear wheel drive car? Did you win that in a lottery?
  2. Is this brand new ??? :o :P It looks like new... Safe miles!
  3. why ? any decent thief will already know how to get in a car in far less time than it takes to read this thread if there are issues with security let the owners be aware remember the Lexus is renowned as being one of the most secure cars Does this mean that instead of 10secs...a car thief will need 15secs to get into a lexus? :shutit:
  4. Thank you! Regarding you No2 answer this exactly my other concern. A parked car for long periods is not something good. you could always wait for a sport, there are plenty for sale, and another will come along in couple of weeks, and won't cost that much more..... I am located in Greece. As far as I know, there are about 200-300 IS200s sold in the whole country, so it's not easy to find those. I bet there are less than 50 Sport around....
  5. I hope you recover form this ASAP. Bad things make us stronger.
  6. Thanks for the ...welcoming. I live in Athens and waiting next week for my holidays to Crete and then Mykonos probably
  7. I have made some posts about modifying my lexus IS200. The funny thing is that I dont have it yet, beeing currently on the negotiations and overall check of the car. I have some question for you guys, and I hope you are so kind to give me some help here. I have been reading the forum as much as I can, the last days, but it's not easy to find straight answers on some things I got in my mind from a forum being alive for more than 8 years, with such a huge database. I need more time which I dont have at the moment. My questions are: 1) I test drove the car and there's a small vibration transfered in the gear knob when it is on neutral (manual gearbox). I dont remember if this vibration is present when gears are engaged and on the move. Is this normal? 2) The car is 8 years old with only 35k miles. I know it is very easy to low the mileage on the cars and cheat the next owner BUT, the book is in accordance with the dates/miles and also the interior of the car is lamost like new. The back seats for example look like noone has ever sit on them. The leather is of cream color so I believe it would be in a quite bad condition if it has been used more than the miles say. The guy claims that he has a second car and a bike, so he didnt use the car much. He looks honest and very simple as a person. Are there any bad experiences related on cheated dashboard? 3) I was looking for the Sport edition, but the one and only that is on sale now (4 out of 8 is200 on sale are automatic, 2 of them are SE and only one sport) is '02 with 47k miles in perfect condition BUT it's £4,8k more expensive. What I was thinking of, is that with those extra £4,8k I can buy a used (or aftermarket new) LSD, new coilovers, a big brake kit, 18 rims+tyres and still save money for my engine upgrade project. What do you think? 4) Is there anything I should have in mind when checking the car with my mechanic? (In addition to those nice tips in the knowledge base) I think I will have some more questions...
  8. I am thinking going for stock engine with stock setup. If it is able to produce still would be fine for me to have this power on the rear wheels. (ok ok...I know....I will want more after 1 month). A/C is an issue in Greek hot summers... Sorry for being offtopic in your thread.
  9. Hello Ellz, Propably a ...bad question...but, do you now have any idea of the total cost of the total turbocharging mod of your IS200? Was that around 10k? more? less? thanks in advance
  10. After reading all the threads related to your project, I have only one word...RESPECT! Mostly for sharing all this knowledge and troubleshooting with everyone here. Thank you! I am thinking of making this exact transplant, but having almost none of your knowledge (this is a shame being a mechanical engineer myself), I dont know if random mechanics will spent so much time to fine-fit this engine and all the things needed to my car. The one and only workshop here in my area, that have already done 2-3 of your so called "Isupra modifications" will ask for 18.000 Euros (that is about 14350 GBP) for everything shorted out. Is this a fair price by your experience so far? I bet the smile in your face driving your car now worths a million....but being short on money myself...I am still staying on the "thought".
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