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  1. Subwoofer issue

    I repaired mine in situ...about 2 yrs problems since. But silicon gun won’t help! The access is too restricted. You’ll have to use your fingers and as small a silicon tube as you can find. Make sure u have water in a bowl to wet your fingers and plenty of kitchen paper towels to wipe off the access. its not difficult but fiddly...practice on a piece of surface outside the car before u tackle the job. removing the sub is not an easy job..involves having to take the back seat out!
  2. Subwoofer issue

    Possibly the paper cone is torn.. If you can take the top cover off, gently with a screw driver or similar, on the subwoofer on the rear seat shelf under the rear glass shield. Then gently , very gently, run your finger around the cone...if you find a tear. Stop. get some colourless silicon , small tube , and apply it generously to seal the tear. Better still , seal it all around the paper cone close to the tear. Be careful not to let silicone get on the shelf or leather...then wait for it to dry. Next day try the music...if it works put the cover back on and enjoy. If not could be an expensive job. There is a thread on this topic...but I think it’s on the US club. good luck...It worked for me a few yrs ago...
  3. I have iPhone7 with iOS 10.3.3 and have no problem with uploading my address book via bluetooth. The problem might be that too many phones are linked by bluetooth. If so delete some of them and then try. re the carpet hook to your mats...there's no easy way ,without removing the carpet. You can get the replacement forthe hook...about £1 and gently push it through a steel washer and push that through the carpet hole....that worked for me! good luck
  4. Hi Mark I am not sure this will help. I had this problem recently. In my case, whilst stuck in a traffic jam ( M25 ) I tried to make a hands free call from telephone addressbook via the audio system. But before the call could connect, I had to move and the call failed. Naturally the telephone addressbook greyed out. After this my audio sound stopped both for radio and cds. The rest of my journey was in silence. But after getting home, I turned the audio off and then the engine off . Then restarted the car , turned on the audio and hey presto the sound was back and has not let me down again. So might be worth turning the audio off and then turning the engine off. Start the engine back on and turn the audio on and pray that brings the sound back on. Cheers
  5. Blue tooth wo tks fine. But only a few phones can be registered. So make sure your dealer deletes all previously registered phones.
  6. Hi I had exactly the same thing happen to me on my LS430! It was a very bad year! Lexus paid half the cost to replace the pipes which are prone to stone damage and leak, but refused to make any contribution towards the compressor. One thing Honest John ,of the Telegraph , says have the gear box of your compressor checked by the independent aircon specialist...if thats the problem, it would be a much cheaper solution.
  7. Mine also oks low when cold. But it comes up to max level after the car's been driven for few miles. Check ehen the engine is warm....
  8. That should read 12v and not 2v...
  9. Hi Mark Just read this , I have the same model as you!☺️ i replaced my battery with one supplied by was E24 Varta Blue Dynamic Car Battery 2V 70 Ah (570413063) (069 071 072) total cost £58.45 that was back in March this year. Excellent battery and fits perfectly.... Tayna are brilliant! hope that helps
  10. Wow. Hows that for predictive text.... a small coin such as five penny.....
  11. I just usemy finger nails...a small voin suvh as give penny piece ...or a thin screw driver....try it. Not difficult. But as Crusemark says,you will never really need to!
  12. To remove the GRILL even....autocorrections are a bloody nuisance....
  13. See this link I repaired mine with clear silicon . It'll take minimum of 24 hrs to set...To remove the girl on the subwoofer I used nail removing end of the gentle though. Good luck...this was a twenty minute job...have plenty of paper towels handy to wipe the excess silicon
  14. Hello, Adam Thanks for the offer but I know all there is to know about my LS430. Shiner