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  1. Just purchased the Meguiars G220 polisher and was wondering how to the clean the pads, the polisher i use to own had the lambs wool pads so just threw them in the washing machine.
  2. nice car chris! I traded in my is 200se 53 plate with areo pack 2 last month for £5000 as I didn't think it would sell, but garage sold it the following week for £7000. its the first time ive bought a new car and felt sad to see the old one fade into the distance in the rear view mirror. I am over the moon with my new car but still think I should of tried to sell it private.
  3. I changed my Y REG IS 200 sport with aero pack last October it had 47000 miles on it, for an IS 250 SE multi media and sun roof 56 plate. They offered me £6000 but managed to push them to £7000 in the end. The IS 250 was £22500 so dont think I got a bad deal. NICE CAR! thats what I have been looking for and just missed a cracking deal for a 07 is250se mm for £17295, was offered £5000 for my own.
  4. I have the same problem, I have a 53 is200 with 45000 miles and aero pack 2 and was offered £5000 but managed to push him to £5500. it was a 07 is250se auto 9000 miles I looked at for £18495, nice car but no chance! tried quite a few garages and it seems thats all my car is worth, but good luck and hope you find a deal that you are happy with, don't think I will.
  5. it snowed here heavy about christmas and i found the car is far better just both off, but def did not cut power with them both off?? i was playing in a big empty car park. maybe yours is stuck on?? thanks for that i will have to check and see, but even with both switched off i ended up having to dip the clutch to try and keep the car from stauling as the power was being cut to the wheels.
  6. Found mine in December 2005 and have yet to switch it off nice car mate! tring to make a deal on a is250se auto but starting to struggle, the price offered on the is200 is alot less than i was expecting.
  7. I have got 18"tte wheels on mine which came with bridgestone potenzas but always thought they looked flat, every time I washed the car I checked the pressure so I replaced them with toyo T1-Rs that I thought looked better. or was this only me?
  8. to try and keep my wife happy I have just came back from the lexus garage today, i test drove the is250se auto as it is group F and the manual is group G for road tax. I was quite impressed but considering the price I was offered for my is200 there will be a serious amount of haggling to be done. My next trick up my sleave is to use the face lift for getting a better deal unless anyone has one for sale.
  9. me and my wife goes snowboarding every year in scotland and the is200 has to be one of the worst cars in the snow, the snow button makes no difference, even if you switch both off the power to the wheels keeps cutting out until your the first car stuck. if you ask me its a waste of a button.
  10. hi barry my 53 is200se had its 40000mile service and MOT last year in lexus in Aberdeen, as I have never been used to being treated so well in a garage before did`t dream of putting my car anywhere else, I was charged £420. Its due a 50000mile service in september I hope this will be a bit cheaper.
  11. ive got roof bars but there not for sale, got them from halfords for £130 and are easy to fit 5 mins max. i use mine every winter for the snowboards or when we go on holiday saves wrecking the inside of the car.
  12. hi! I bought my lexus over 3 years ago and have always used meguiars deep crystal 3 step polish, haven`t polished my car this year but still get a fantastic shine after a quick wash and dry. I use a polisher but only on the second stage just to ensure I dont end up with swirl marks, can I also recomend meguiars quick clay I use this first and will leave your paint smooth as glass.
  13. I wanted one with the tte kit and 18" alloys, test drove quite a few and found the se hand softer suspension, as i don`t drive fast can`t tell you about the handling.
  14. looks nice! would love to paint mine also, thought about red but not sure how it would look with the blue car.
  15. mikey4742


    cheers dude! the car is standard only the tte areo kit and tte 18"alloys that my other half likes to kerb. needs a polish though, haven`t had time this year.
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