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  1. Hi I cannot belive I missed this post in in the North the North East to be more precise. I spend most of my summer weekends in North Yorkshire not really into meets but I do got to the odd classic car show and the pistonheads meet at Malton.
  2. Has anyone took delivery of one of these yet ordered mine Monday and not heard anything back since? Thanks Stuart
  3. After a 2 second Google search the consensus is that the wheel colour code is 1E3, phantom Grey.
  4. When you say muffler do do you mean the central resonator?
  5. I have no pictures sorry but from what I have seen the welds are very good and neat
  6. If its still there old site it does not do them justice. I had a full cat back system made at the cost of £1000, the car also has an Injen intake fitted.
  7. Had a new system made by AAS Newcastle these guys make the full system from scratch including the silencers. Took 2 days 2 make with a 3 month waiting list. The videos are not edited and one even includes fingers go figure I'm a bit clumsy. Enjoy Lexus isf exhaust gopro low res: Lexus ISF AAS exhaust cold start:
  8. Did anyone notice is also got the wrong dials it should have the center rev counter. The ad also stays it is a write off not was a write off. Very fishy has anyone spoke to the seller?
  9. Dont forget it's under £400 a year and £125 of that is lexus assist Mine has been out of warranty for a month but i have used the same dealer for last 4 years for my isf and gs 450h sport (if you thing an isf is rare there is only 93 sports in the uk) before that. At a guess they let me have it due to knowing my history.
  10. A quick heads up for you guys i got contacted by my dealer offering me 2 years lexus warranty for the price of 1. Apparently it's a a promotion lexus uk is offering at the minute. Now my 09 car is covered as it seemed like a no brainer.
  11. My tip did the same thing I got it tack welded back in from inside the tip just have a word from a local friendly garage.
  12. You are in correct there is a sports model I should know I owned one. They come with full TTE body kit run flat tyres and active rear suspension. Compared to the SEL they lost the vented seats and the wood rimmed wheel.
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