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  1. Happy Birthday micromarc!

  2. All sounds good mate can t wait to see how this ll turns out
  3. I had much worse damage at the start of the year. It was all repaired, i used a company called accident exchange, got a replacement car and it was a high quality repair. There a national company so try them mate.
  4. Only looked at this now guys. Dont have the paperwork to hand just now but sure i got it from Amber performance
  5. I m sure i read somewhere that the incectors in an mr2 tubby would fit cant remember where i saw it tho!lol
  6. Lookiin good mate :D Cant decide whether to go for yellows on mine or darks
  7. Never really noticed a difference mate. Just think it looks nice lol I got it from ebay on the cheap mate, came with instructions but it basicly just fits into the back of the head unit with a push on block fitting. It is awesome tho!!!!
  8. quick look in my sig should give a good idea
  9. HALLO NAS RIGHT SO FAR WE HEAR YOU SHOUT ABOUT YOUR 2000 IS200 BUT WHAT THE HELL YOU SHOUTING ABOUT??????TURN CAPS OFF 1)whats a spare blacks????? 2)mah patrol?????what you patroling the mexico boarder??? 3)whats a spark blacks???? 4)and whats a velve????is that near the giggling pin right next to the laughin shaft?? come on man check what you write before posting... Velve, beside the fu-foo valve ;)
  10. Hope you can mate. Would be great to see a new face there :D
  11. I got these repeaters on ebay from New Zealand delivered to the UK within 14 days, check them out there look great fitted. They come with orange bulbs but I put the chrome one which flash orange. :winky: If you look at my last update you ll see that i ve done the same wi the indicators but for a grand total of a fiver!lol Used a can of light tinting spay, which is a sillicone based paint. Also used this to paint the inners of my headlights and its given a sort of dark crome effect i ll get pics up later :D
  12. Welcome mate :D Here s the link if your free
  13. using the translate button it says its from an AS200?
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