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  1. does anyone know where i can get rear lower suspension arms(wishbones) or bushes as i need them for the mot and can only seem to find ones at prolex that are £478. any help would be appreciated.
  2. cheers for the replies, think I'll maybe look for another set that fits without skimming or flaring/rolling!!
  3. my car is lowered 40mm on tein springs, the guy said he could get the wheel skimmed 5mm where it bolts onto the hub, is this safe?
  4. Hi all, thinking of buying new wheels, will 18x8 et34 fit my is300 without any major modification to the arches?
  5. I didn't use toyota oil in my box and it seems to be fine, can't remember the brand of the oil but its dexron 2, dexron 3 is also good enough.
  6. aparently it never happens, just my **** luck that it would happen to me.
  7. 3 months later and its back on the road. Had a lot of trouble getting the gearbox fixed. I had it out and in a few times, so now i'm a specialist in removing IS300 gearboxes LOL. Got it fixed the first time but it only lasted 1/2 a mile and lost all the oil again. first time it cost me £320. £280 of which was labour. :tsktsk: This is the second time its been fixed and it cost me £215, so here's hoping that everything is going to be fine. i've done a couple of miles so far and its all good. :winky:
  8. buy a caliper repair kit. they ain't that expensive. cheaper than a caliper
  9. I had the same cracking noise with mine, its the pads moving inside the caliper. i think you can get a repair kit or something to replace the spacers and springs on the caliper
  10. rub it with 1500 wet and dry paper but not to hard, then machine polish it with farecla cutting compound. or take it to a body shop and ask them if they would manage to polish it. it looks like its just the laquer thats scratched, it hasn't went through to the paint.
  11. i posted a topic not so long ago about my lexus. i've changed my mind and decided to keep it, so i ripped out the damaged gearbox and i'm awaiting its repair (would chance it myself but i don't have the right tools to take out the seals) can't wait to get home from work to put the gearbox back in again so i can drive it.
  12. I got the sticky caliper for a start, so that ****** my discs, so that was new discs and a new seal kit for the caliper, then my tires wore on the inside, so 4 new tires and the suspension set up, then the exhaust gasket blew out a couple of times, so i had to get that fixed, and my sub frame was slack so it had to be tightened ( this is actually part of the major service at lexus) and the stereo broke so had to fit a new one and the most recent one is the torque convertor on the gearbox I've only owned it for about 6 month, so i'm pretty ****** off about everything that has went wrong. they a few common problems so you would have thought that lexus would have recalled them to fix it.
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