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  1. I sent the LS400 blank cluster to Cluster Repairs UK in Gt Yarmouth on Tuesday it arrived back today and I slotted it home. it looks great. The work is guaranteed for 2 years and costs me £166 in total. A big thanks to them for their very helpful service! :D
  2. I found them, and the number is 01332 298 126 company is called SGS gas struts
  3. Sadly They aren't the same, I have a set of struts from the bonnet or trunk, (I cant remember which as I took em off years ago) you can have free if you Pm me. But there is a company in Nottingham or Mansfield that will re-gas and guarantee them or discount a new pair if the regas fails within three months G oogle "Struts" and "re-gas" (be careful that you spell Struts, LOL)
  4. This is a real poser!! I have a 2001 LS430 with 100k on board. My remote fobs have stopped working. I can cycle the locks from inside the car with the actuator switch... I can lock the doors by touching the handle outside the car. (but not unlock it! the boot (trunk) will not work from the fob either. The key blade will lock and unlock all the doors. I have replaced the batteries on the fobs. I have tried reprogramming the fobs and when I get to the part where I press both lock and unlock for two seconds the locks are supposed to cycle twice but they just keep cycling. and the programming fails. Does anyone, anywhere have ANY ideas please. (Or do I remortgage my house and head for the dealer?)
  5. Hi Steve thanks for the reply, but I changed the batteries on both fobs, so its isn't a lack of power from the remote. I have searched this site but cant find much that is relevant to the 430! I may have to bite the bullet and take it to the stealership. Thanks again.
  6. Get on to Rock auto Parts in the US! They sold me the two O2 sensors for £98! I ordered them online on Monday morning... they were at my door wednesday afternoon.. The stealership quoted me £108 each plus vat and told me it would be at least ten days! Go figure!
  7. My remote keys have stopped opening and locking the doors on my LS430! all the locks work by using the pull out key manually. Once inside, the lock/unlock button works all the door locks. Touching the handle locks all the doors... using the key manually opens the doors but sets off the alarm! I was wondering if the remote receiver is fused and if so where can the fuse be found. I can find nothing in the book... can anyone shed light?? Please.
  8. I have heard from LOC USA that a tap with a hammer often frees the steering column which apparently does stick sometimes. Brute force and ignorance it may be, but it worked on my LS430!
  9. Thanks for the help, I have checked the fuses for the drivers cig lighter and although it is sound, the lighter doesn't work.
  10. Can anyone point me in the direction of the fuses for the cigar lighter in the front of my LS430 (2001)? I believe they blow easily and this is a common problem? thanks
  11. Thanks for the speedy reply and yes it seems to be there as the Is. BTW congrats to THFC!
  12. My LS430 is warning me that the Air con filter needs replacing. Any info/ideas would be appreciated
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