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  1. Hear hear gti1.... We did look at the Aussie route but it meant more paperwork and more applications etc. As I am UK citizen, only made it easier to persue the UK route... Some of my family is in UK too (dad & lots of cousins) so the family "support" will also be beneficial in establishing a social life.
  2. What? Isn't there the death penalty in UK? Don't they chop off your hands when caught stealing? Oh wait, getting my country researching mixed up.... LOL
  3. To answer why coming to the UK (in no particular order): 1) I have always been a true loyal Brit and have always wanted to come back to the UK 2) To escape the reverse apartheid as I have now reached the glass ceiling here. 3) Anywhere you go, there is crime, A crime in the UK makes headlines, a crime in SA might make the sports section if it's gruesome enough. To give an example, my house has the following security features: Laser beams, Electric Fencing, Pallisades, burglar bars on all windows, Trellidors on all the doors, alarm system coupled to a security company. All that and they'll still be able to get in. 4) The next President will send the country down the same path as Zimbabwe. 5) Being analytically minded, I have assessed to "cost of living". Sure, petrol is far more expensive, cars, houses etc but on an average, taking everything into account, it's only 1.4 times more expensive in the UK. Take for example, a house loan of 150,000 pounds at an interest of 7% compare that to a house loan here of 1,500,000 at 15%, You spend your life paying off interest as the rate is higher and the amount is higher.
  4. We also pay VAT here. (14%). The prices are as taken off the respective dealers websites. I think it's called OTP...
  5. As I am relocating to the UK, I thought I'd do some research and comparisons between SA and UK. Using today's exchange rate of 15.24 pounds to the rand, A BMW 330i Steptronic in SA will cost R407,000-00 (converted 26,706). IN UK it costs 30,575 (14.49% variance) A Audi A5 3.2 FSI Quattro will cost R467,500-00 (converted 30,675). In UK it costs 33,625 (9.61% variance) A Merc C350 A will Cost R432,000-00 (converted 28,346). In UK it costs 33,385 (17.77% variance) A Lexus IS250 SE A will cost R377,600-00 (converted 24,776). In UK it costs 29,637 (19.62% variance) What's worse is that all the cars in SA come standard with a 5 year (lexus - 4 yr) maintenance plan and on the Lexus, the "multimedia packet" is standard and I haven't built this into the UK price. If I was to trade my vehicle in here in SA, at max, I'd get about R288,000, that's a mere 18,897 pounds. What would I get if I sold my 2007 Lexus IS250 SE-L with multimedia pack in the UK? Interesting......
  6. It is with regret that in all likelihood, I will be selling my Lexus as the cost of shipping it is just too cumbersome. It is going to be such a pity and I probably will not be able to afford one in my destination country either. It's been a fantastic car and I will be sorry to see it go....
  7. Can anyone give advise on what work / costs etc is involved in converting an IS250 from metric km's / litres etc to miles / gallons. Obviously the speedometer and DVD navi will have to be converted etc.
  8. Welcome to the LOC, Always nice to have another member from the southern hemisphere......
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