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  1. At the half tank marker mileometer read around 215, three quarters empty it was around 320, might be on for 430 on the 'E', did I read around 10ltrs reserve, might get me 470/480 on a full tank? The quarters do seem to be real quarter to me at least.
  2. I managed 110 miles on the first quarter earlier today, but I imagine the quarters aren't REAL quarters.... Currently on 138 on a quarter and third, let's hope!!
  3. Is there anyway of checking if a user code has been inputted? I've no code with mine and now I'm scared of disconnecting anything!
  4. My leccy aerial doesn't retract - it makes all the noises, inc trying to adjust it's length for signal strengths, is this Ebay item a suitable replacement? I know I can dismantle it and maybe repair it but I can't be bothered after 35 years of dicking around in car oil and muck - part time of course, but still.. Item is 300184508423 I got a bulb out on the climate control and the console ones on the gear selector - saw a good thread for that tho. My CD changer is hit-or-miss, the seller said don't close the door so what did I do? - I closed the door. Prised it open sucessfully along with the eject button, so now I have broken the eject button. Switch is fine, button is broke....... Still works tho - after a fashion, I only have 10 magazines and the last two (11 and 12) don't seem to work if I move them around. No biggie tho. Are the door mirrors manually foldable? Mine don't seem to want to move. Why don't the rear door lights come on with the front door being opened? Looked at my rear tyres, they look awfully flat. Have'nt done the pressures yet - tmrw - but just visually they look very low. Or is that the supendous weight! Wonder if this might be the cause of my wallowing side to side lurch on bends when the box is changing... Key fob. Is it possible to get a key with the buttons combined? Aftermarket? I miss that from my previous car, I'm a few things as possible on my key ring type of guy. Right now I got two keys, a key loss plaque thing, the fob and a fob for the security parking at work. Also can the alarm/cl fob be reset to flash the lights or chirp? Mine does neither - sick of doing the door handle walk! My battery looks tiny - 47a/hr is that to spec? Oh, and my boot lid seems awfully heavy - springs or dampers? Bonnet is spot on tho! Sorry - lot of questions, just getting into the car now! It's a GS300 Mk1, Legato 1997 btw - must put in my sig.....
  5. I do live in england! I only saw the Mk2 in pics before, in the flesh I'm not keen, not knowlingly seen a mk3 yet. I like the inside of the mk1, don't like the dials in the pics of the mk2 i've seen, but i need to see for myself I think. I'm full of a cold and on pain killers for some other thing so I'm a bit incoherent at the mo - sorry! Stella doesn't count of course...
  6. I bought my Mk1 cos I needed a car and it was available but I always thought the Mk2 looked better in pics - never knowingly saw one with mine own eyes. Now I just saw one, it doesn't! It looks much smaller than mine, so much so I had to check the badge - I thought it was an IS200. Mk2 is actually bigger tho isn't it? I know now I'll stop hankering, Mk1 has more road presence, broad at the hip! Unless I saw a mk3, not going out now it;s too cold...
  7. Further to this, it's still happening, 99% of time everything is perfect but occasionally I feel the car lurching from side to side. Hard to describe but it's nearly always on the same piece of road, the worst being the slip road M60 to M61 at pendlebury if anyone knows it, 40mph RH bend but I've always taken it at full speed. Now I'm not sure, cos I got my eyes firmly on the road, but I think the box might be hunting, but I really cant see how that could generate a lurching motion. I'm still on semi-rough idle, but that's improving, and if I'm honest the lurching is only really 100% reproducible on that bend - could it still be the old petrol? I filled up on say - 75 quids worth, and stuck another 38 quids worth yesterday, gauge exactly on half. Otherwise all is good
  8. CD-TEXT shows the title of the CD, artist and track name scrolling across the display if it supports it. I dunno about you but CD 5 Track 6 means nowt to me!
  9. Actually I find the seats excellent. The Alfa seat were ok, nice, bit thin, leather too but for me the Lexus is more comfy. The seats in mine look like zero miles ones, I can't belive it. I'm a big fuker tho, 6'4" and 17 stone...
  10. Any chance of the key sequence for CD-TEXT on the CD player? hehe..
  11. Having no user manual like many others how do u set the volume for the traffic alerts in the GS300 mk1? Mines set way louder than the radio/CD and scares the shït out of me everytime there's an incident at Clackett Lane Services.....
  12. I've got the last of the Mk1 Legato's on an R plate , from what I understand they are the basic model and should have cloth seats. Mine has leather and a boot spoiler installed from new by the dealership, aparently to make them more saleable. No trip computer or sat nav or seat memory. No heated seats either. Mine only had 16k on it when I bought it a few years ago, it's still low at 26k, still got the original brake pads, Now having got it I can confirm no puter, no memory seats, no heated seats. I do have leather tho and headlamp washers. No sunroof. I'll keep it for a bit, so far it's not as good a drive as my old Alfa 3.0 V6 164, but all I wanted was a motorway armchair it'll do me for that.
  13. Cheers mate, although a reply from username 'Flogitt' scared me a bit! Rough idle has come back now but I still feel it's crap in the tank, when i test drove it two days ago there was nothing like this. When I collected it, fuel gauge was right on the stopper and I;m the middle of Rochdale with a traffic jam in front of me so I risked a dive onto the M62 and headed for Birch and filled up there. £75 quid! 1.04 a ltr. 72 ltr to fill up....
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