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  1. When you remove the air filter box there is an emissions pipe(shaped a bit like a question mark) that clips on underneath it and the other end fits onto a union on the rocker box. Mine was split in the middle and also at both ends where the clips secures it. The oil mist was coming from it, running along the rocker cover and down into both No1 & No2 spark plug tubes. Maybe worth checking that little sucker out first.
  2. I had similar issue with No2 cylinder misfire. Fine till the engine warmed up then misfires. Fitted New plugs (they were knackered too).....same thing happens used coil pack.....same thing happens used injector...PERFECT Car has been running now for 2-3 weeks and its purrs like a Rolls Royce.
  3. If HID lights are fitted as standard by the manufacturer then its not a problem. If after market ones are fitted then it also has to have self levelling suspension.
  4. New Law came out in March Maybe the garage you took yours to are not as strict as others.
  5. Read my post. It says headlights, not fog lights!
  6. My Toyota Carina was hit up the back end many years ago and the Insurance Company wrote it off. The fella from the Insurance Company then said that it would be a shame to write the car off as it was in such good condition before the smack, so, would I be happy if they used 2nd hand parts instead of new to repair it. I said that as long as it looked as good as it did then yes go ahead. They did and it was an absolutely brilliant job at a third of the price. Might be worth mentioning that idea to your Insurance Company and body shop people and see what they say. Good Luck
  7. Normally if the indicators flash faster normal speed then it is a bulb blown/bad connection.
  8. I was tempted to fit HID lamps to my headlights but unfortunately the new MOT laws have put a stop to that.
  9. Hi Guys and Girls I have to change No2 cylinder injector. Can anybody post a link to a write up or blow up parts listing on how its done etc. Thanks in advance Nick
  10. Hi Guys & Girls Could any elec techys advise me on my problem. The FM side of it has packed up, it just keeps scanning for a station. The MW/LW is ok and so are all the other functions. Should I be looking at the amp or aerial? I've got the 2000(W) IS200SE Thanks in advance
  11. Did mine on my IS200SE Auto 2 weeks ago. Very easy to do. Original thickness was 25mm, 16mm can be fitted which is the one I have used. £80 from ebay delivered by courier the next day. No problems whatsoever.
  12. Get your lower swivels checked mate.
  13. After many years of fantastic motoring in my IS200SE it is sadly time to let her go. If any one is interested in owning it .......... message me. Regards Nick
  14. Job done guys and girls. Silly me had the pad retaining clips in the wrong positions. Car now drives ................. and stops really well ............ with no more sticking calipers. Thanks Steve & Patrick for your replies. Regards Nick
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