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  1. Been looking into Tinting the lex, everyone in previous posts has recomended tint-r in nottingham. Might have to give them a call and discuss further. Whats everyones thoughts?, I like the discreet look so may go for the minimum light smoke tint (for back/rear windows). I think on a black lex the rear tinting looks good. What different tint options are there, and would all who've had it done recomemend it. Cheers in advance guys Manps
  2. Very Nice mate, Ive got a very similiar one however no tints... hmmm to 'tint or not to tint' i like it!
  3. I have to agree with all, its not very nice at all.. but again if the owner likes it, thats what counts.
  4. Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. I've booked it to be looked at by Lexus, (warranty should cover any work i assume/ and i hope lol) Cheers
  5. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before: When breaking between 65-60mph (no matter which gear i'm in) the steering wheel judders slightly. However everything is fine before and after the 65-60mph range? To be honest it only vibrates slightly and is more of an inconvienence because the car is so smooth at any other breaking speed. Aditionally the breaks do squeal sometimes aswell?? As the car is under warranty until the end of this year, its probably worth me paying a visit to the nice folk at Lexus Derby. Anyone have any ideas-suggestions on whats causing the problem so i can act like i know what i'm talking about when i go to see them? Cheers in Advance all.
  6. hmmm No gold member icon next to my name yet.... but its cool... all good thing come to those who wait... :winky:
  7. I just became a Gold member about 2 mins ago.... got in straight away. Just my Gold member card to wait for so i can start flashing it around Hopefully i get the gold member icon next to my name now when i post too lol. Next up i need to find my self some good deals and start ticking of items to do in my checklist. Cheers Manps
  8. Very good point........ ashamed i didn't think of it. Manps
  9. Good topic... I think i suite my IS200, Its like me stylish, unique, oh and a bit sluggish lol ... wouldn't change it for anything. I look good in it on the way to work (suite, tie etc). However on the weekends i think i come across abit dodgy, unshaved, footy top on and listening to load embarasin music.
  10. Cheers mate, I will try and see how much the prices vary... Still find it odd how each dealership has significantly varied sale/service prices etc, its like there competing with each other lol.
  11. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.. Its actually an intermediate service as the car has done 20,000 miles in three years and had its main service last year, thus its due for its intermediate one in year three. Thats why i though £190 for an intermediate service was abit steep... but i want the lexus stamp so will go for it. Cheers Manps
  12. Hello all, Wondering if anyone has abit of advice on a couple of questions I have. Basically brought and 05 plate IS200 SE in November, its due for its first ever MOT (Three years old) and its intermediate service in March. Its got a full Lexus Service History and has only done 20,000 miles in three years, which i think is very low. I'm going to book a service/mot at my local dealership and have been given a quote of: £50 ->MOT and around £190 for the service. Does this seem a good deal wondering everyones veiws on it? Ideally want to keep Lexus service history as a few years down the line think i'll have myself an IS250 in exchange. Cheers in Advance Manps
  13. Unfortunately the original alfa thread I started posting on has been removed by them… I think due to the limited intelligence of some of the alfa owners, as I kept on mocking there cars and they had no response (apart from the odd personal digs at me -which I said to them ‘is very easy to do on the net, not so when your face to face’ hehe) From now on when I see an Alfa on the Hard Shoulder with it’s hazard lights on (which happens at least once a week lol) I’ll have a wide grin on my face!
  14. Haahhhaa... don't think it was me as i haven't raced anyone on anyroad in my life.... i leave that to burberry cap wearing, about to get or already have an ASBO drivers like you mate.. woooohoooo Peace all, no more time some of us have got work, projects and people to manage... i'll leave you to playing gran turismo After my latest response i think i may no longer be welcome at the alfa site.... oh well thats enough now... time to be mature an leave it... it was good whilst it lasted, hopefully it will amuse everyone on this site. See ya Manps
  15. I've just sent another reply saying: I had an Alfa previously, however it was fifty-fifty if i'd make it to work and back without calling the AA :winky: 25 years old and i'm still a kid at heart lol
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