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  1. sounds to me like you are just in a bad area to use your keys (remotes) this can be down to alot of interferance from wireless internet hubs etc , try using the remote in different locations and see if it starts to work if so that is the problem very common on a lot of car even lexus and toyota Hope this helps
  2. i thought lexus covered the belts to 90k under warranty? they did when i ued to work there.
  3. best advice is never use your master key keep it safe at home always use sub master or valet key, the reson been if you loose yor valet key and someone does find it and know its for your car you can delete the valet key with your master key via the car and also delete the remote as well. The best thing is when you have deleted the key you can get a new key and programm it your self with the master key. Hope this helps
  4. Hi Guys i do many lexus and toyota cars which has lost all there keys and i can supply you 3 new keys for £500.00 without having to change your locks or ecu. The three keys i supply will be the same as lexus would supply 1 x master key 1 x sub master and also 1 x valet key. Also i can supply a new key if the master key is missing so please before you go to lexus to have your wallet lightend drop me a line and i can help you out. Hope this helps Gary
  5. if your ever in hull i'll cut it for you
  6. To delete all but one key from the unit 1. Simultaneously depress and release brake and accelerator pedals 1 time. 2. Insert an existing master key into the ignition cylinder.Do not turn the key from the OFF (LOCK) position. 3. Within fifteen seconds of inserting the key, depress and release the accelerator pedal six times. 4. Within twenty seconds of completing the above step, depress and release the brake pedal seven times. 5. The security light will flash, indicating all keys other than the one being used have been deleted. 6. Remove the key from the ignition cylinder within ten seconds. It will be the only key still programmed to work. Add Duplicate Key 1. Simultaneously depress and release brake and accelerator pedals 1 time. 2. Insert existing master key into ignition. 3. Within 15 seconds depress and release accelerator pedal 5 times. 4. Within 20 seconds depress and release the brake pedal 6 times and remove key. 5. Within 10 seconds insert new key into ignition. 6. Within 10 seconds depress and release the accelerator pedal 1 time. 7. After 80 seconds new key is registered and security light goes off. 8. Remove new key and depress and release brake pedal 1 time. i also belive you can program 3 master keys and 5 sub/valet keys with one working master key. Hope this helps
  7. look at it this way if lexus didn't have a master key system and you lost your keys they would still charge a fortune to put it right, you can always have your master key cloned and then keep that at home would only cost about £60.00
  8. You have to be careful when it comes to keys even tho you can have a key with three buttons open close and boot it doesn't mean it is the master key, because you can program any key as the master and any key as the valet key dosnt matter about the buttons, it comes down to how it was programmed. All the keys have the transponders on the electric circit inside the remote, the only real way of seeing if you have the master key is to insert the key into the ignition and if it is the master key the security light will not come on. but if a valet key is inserted the security light will come on for about 2 seconds then go out. This is the only real way of testing without diagnostics. hth
  9. hi mate i live in hull and know a couple of people that used to do wheels for lexus before they used to sell the cars. also if you need a spare key for your car drop me a line because i'm a mobile autolocksmith. Hope this helps
  10. LITTLELEGS You can only programm your own keys if you have the master key. Without the master key you can only get your key cloned or ecu reflashed.
  11. hi you can get your key cloned by a locksmith or even your ecu flashed. I work as a mobile autolocksmith in hull and do many lexus and toyota with only 1 key and not the master key. I have also done a toyota and lexus which had all his keys stolen and i supplied him 3 x keys (1x master key/remote) 1 x submaster also remote and a valet key also remote for only £600.00 and you dont need to change your locks i would advice you not to change the ecu etc because thats when problems start to happen. If you need any help or advice drop me an email to Thanks Gary P.S i hope this helps and saves you 2k
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