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  1. I recently bought an IS300 SportCross and the lady who owned it told me the windscreen had been replaced and since then the alarm goes off whenever it rains. I discovered the front passenger door had a faulty sensor so i mended that, but after a night of heavy rain I woke up to lit headlights and rear lights. When I inserted the key in the ignition the lights went off, but came on again around 30 seconds later. After an hour or so the car had dried up and the lights turned off on their own. I found and read this thread before diving under the dash to have a look at the Theft warning ECU. It looked perfectly fine on the inside though. The rain started pouring down again and I could see the occasional drop of water falling on top of the right side fuse box. Upon closer inspection I noticed some of the connectors looked pretty corroded and nasty. I decided to remove the fuse box, disassemble it and clean it thoroughly. This pin had almost corroded right off The main problem is of course the leak around the windscreen, but I bet this clean didn't hurt. I just thought I'd post this to add to the knowledge if anyone else has the same problem in the future.
  2. I fitted this intake to my 250 a couple of years ago: - That's the intake you find on 3IS and 4GS F-Sports and it sounds awesome. Who buys an induction kit to gain power anyway? We all want the sound I'ts a piece of cake to fit. Before: Old and new intake pipe New intake pipe fitted After
  3. The 250 does a lot better than the 200. I've driven mine through two Swedish winters on 18" Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 winter tires. The VSC won't even let you lose control, but if you get a chance I would suggest going to a snow covered parking lot, turning the traction control off and doing a bunch of skids. That's the best way to learn how your car behaves and how to prevent it from spinning out of control.
  4. I recently found a thread at the boards, discussing a picture of my interior and where I got my chrome steering wheel emblem. I figured more people would probably want to do this, so I decided to make this tutorial. Obviously you need an emblem to replace your standard one with. A few people have used the wheel center cap emblems from Lexus IS/GS 2006 onwards. I did it a bit differently This is the standard IS200/300 steering wheel The rubber emblem is glued to the steering wheel, but it's easy to remove once you get hold of its edge. This is what it looks like when the emblem is removed. Now you need another emblem that fits perfectly. As mentioned, the center cap emblems from Lexus IS and GS from 2006 onwards will work, but if you own an IS200 you are already in possession of an even better alternative, the stock air box. I didn't even know the emblem could be removed until I tried. It was easier than I thought, the emblem is attached with double sided adhesive tape. This is why the airbox emblem is better than the center cap ones. Not only do you get the emblem, but you also get a perfectly shaped cap so you won't have to make your own. Now it's time to fit the new emblem. If your lucky the adhesive that's already attached to the emblem is in good enough shape to use. I chose to scrape it all of and add my own tape. Before you fit the emblem you might want to remove the horn fuse to avoid annoying your neighbors Voila! The steering wheel suddenly looks a lot more modern.
  5. Here you go mate :)
  6. I've read about the S2000 antenna as well, but there is actually a Toyota antenna that looks pretty much the same, often called TRD antenna: That's the one I'm using
  7. Sorry for going OT, but that's a lovely avatar you've got. Shame you didn't ask the photographer for his permission to use it
  8. I've been reading about wet sanding for a while now and today I finally bought everything I need to restore all my lights. Unfortunately I left the 800 and 1200 grit papers in the garage, so I just tried the 2000 paper and the polish. I need the 800 grit paper to remove the stone chips, but at least I managed to remove the yellow hazyness from my old fog lights. This is what I used And these are the first result. I will post a tutorial when I'm finished
  9. I've got a second engine currently sitting in a cradle that is movable so that I can spin it around. I'll try to measure the cradle on tuesday.
  10. I just posted a new tutorial in the work shop section.
  11. Pictures of the engine are on their way. I'm currently emptying the oil sump. In 4 degrees C it's kind of slow :)
  12. Here you go, mate :) The pictures turned out really blurry. Just let me know if you want closeups of the sockets or something.
  13. It's not mine, but I have one exacly the same in the garage. I'll take a picture for you next time I go there. It will probably be on thursday.
  14. IS200 (-02 onwards) HID headlights uses D2R bulbs and the ballasts are fitted underneath the lights. This is an HID headlight from a 2002 IS200.
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