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  1. Isn't that the TRD front as well?
  2. Thanks guys, hopefully one of those will tighten it up a little. I just dont want to have to pay $600 per seat for new seat covers, (the leather) already got a quote from the dealer. Also had them check it under warranty, they said its just normal wear and tear so they can't do anything. Ay!
  3. It it under warranty, i just took it in for the 20k mile service today and they are going to talk to their upholstery person about it, its not really wrinkled, just stretched enough so that there are some big ripples in it. When you say clean it, what do you mean? I use wipes on it all the time... if someone will tell me how to post a pic ill do it... Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks guys
  4. As seats like the ones in an IS300, with the leather pulled tight, start to get used and get older, its inevitable that the leather will stretch and that they will start to wrinkle, but my car only has 19k miles on it. It's to early, the backs of the front seats at the bottom front have started to stetch out as have the seats. Even the back ones have a little, and they have only been sat in 2 or 3 times. Does anyone know how to shrink the leather to that it looks tight like it used 2? I'd really appreciate any suggestions, its really starting to bother me.
  5. I've been working in the trunk and everything I try to pull out those little pin clips that hold in the trim, I seem to break a new one. If anyone knows where I can get replacements cheaply or an easy way to remove them or a place to get the Toyota/Lexus tool I'd appreciate it. IS300 in America
  6. My IS is from the US, and I dont know why it beeps, I've taken it past 115 3 times, always on the same road. Yes its nice and level. Anyone elses start beeping over 115?
  7. I have been thinking now, even though I love my IS300, that it is time for a change, ;) and I've narrowed it down to 3 choices, I wanted to get your oppinions. Still not sure if i can sell it, I have alot of sentimental attachments to this, but if i do. I know were all Lexus fans in here but gimme ur oppinions, each car has very different strengths and weaknesses but they are all good in their own territory. 1.Keep my car 2.1991-1993 Acura NSX 3.1994-1997 Mercedes SL500 or 600 4.any year Toyota Supra Twin Turbo
  8. I have a quick question. Does anyone elses IS300 start to beep when they pass 115? mine lets off this high pitches beep until i slow to under 115
  9. The factory fuel cutoff is at 149 mph, i got mine up to 125 but then had to slow for a big curve.
  10. I have that same problem, its really annoying when your trying to back and and everyone is pointing and laughing that you have your head stuck out the window. well maybe thats just me...
  11. Easy fix: turn the nozzle 45 degrees to the right and your good to go, hold the trigger all the way in. :P
  12. Any tips on how to extend those wires and which one is the correct data wire, I think your correct, I had a conenction in the new headunit for everything except this one cable which I have never seen described on any diagrams, it was next to the antenna plug. Any tips are greatly appreciated. I wish I was in england so that I might come to your meets!
  13. I had the stock tires on and they were pretty good but normally where traction control would have kicked in or i would have started sliding, these new tires keep on gripping, they are great for cornering. One thing I dont like is that they have alot or roar between 40 and 60 mph, it goes away before and after that but that range they are pretty loud. Not a problem for me though, music in my car is usually not very low :P . Anyway, I think theyre worth the money if your a hard driver... I was going around a local highway at about 125 around a curve and I could feel the car pulling but those tires kept on gripping.