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  1. Hi guys My 1999 IS200 SE needs a back box replacement. The weld where the mid pipe joins the silencer has rusted and split. I'm considering getting a 2nd hand one from a breakers but could replacing it with a 2nd hand cause any issues in regards to emissions tests during the MOT? I don't want to use a 2nd hand one if it's going to cause me issues further down the line. I'm assuming the cat is closer to the engine...possibly near the manifold but I thought I'd check. Cheers
  2. EDIT: It actually idles between 500 and 750rpm. I've also noticed it's more likely to have these little surges once the engine has warmed up. Any ideas anyone?
  3. Hi My 1999 is200 has started idling a bit funny lately. It fluctuates below and above 500 rpm but never high above 1000 or low enough to feel like it's stalling. At the same time the lights dim very slightly and then return to normal. It happens a couple of times every few seconds. It's a little unresponsive to pull away but nothing major. The general pull of the car at normal driving speeds isn't what it used to be but again, nothing majorly slow. I sense the slight erraticness when driving, it's not massively noticeable but I'm not sure the issue is limited to just idle speed. Any ideas where to start looking for the cause? Cheers in advance
  4. Sod it, I've gone for that cable (CT51LX01). It looks the same to me as the one described to bypass the amp in other adverts and I reckon the guy at the company just read what he saw on the website. We'll see though. Any tips on the best matching fascia to go with??
  5. Found this cable... and one of the tech guys at the site confirmed it connects from the headunit to the amp - if this is the case, surely this would give a better performance than bypassing the amp?
  6. Brilliant, thanks. Any advice on the best facia?
  7. Ok, cool. Thanks So the standard bypass cable is ok then? Is the autoleads version any different/better to a random one off ebay? Also, any links to the best fascia kit? I've searched before but a lot of links are old and I wonder if there are any newer kits out there these days. Cheers
  8. Hi guys Got a Pioneer DEH 5200SD on the way which is to be fitted into a 2000 IS200 SE. I know I can purchase the amp bypass cable to bypass the factory amp. But, what if I use the RCA pre-outs from the head unit and connect them to the factory amp? Is this a better or worse option? I plan on keeping the factory speakers so what would be the best option? To bypass or not to bypass? Cheers!
  9. Sorry,yes, I meant an aftermarket one. The Pioneer you mentioned looks nice but is probably a bit out of budget.
  10. Hi guys My CD player has finally given up the ghost so I'm looking to fit an aftermarket headunit as it's replacement. All I really want is a USB port on the front (and rear if poss), that's it. Nothing flash required as budget is only £100-£150. The speakers are starting to flap a bit as well, may be time to upgrade those. Can anyone recommend a good headunit and/or replacement speakers? Cheers!
  11. Hi All Does anyone know where I can get the plastic clip that hold the drivers mat in place? I haven't yet visited my local dealer but barring that I wondered if anyone has bought one online anywhere? I'm so busy that an online purchase would be quicker! Cheers!
  12. Just checked the tyres... Bridgestone Potenza RE050 on the front Dunlop SP9000 on the back Any recommendations if I am to replace these? I think one of the Dunlops may have a slow puncture and they dont seem to be recommended so should the Bridgestones go on the back with new ones on the front or vice versa? Cheers
  13. Already read about WIM - thanks though kam05! The dealer I bought the car from said he had to replace the front tyres before selling it due to uneven wear - I knew I'd be visiting WIM before I even bought the car :winky: As for the tyres...yep, Dunlops all round (not sure the exact type - will check later)...and I suspect one of the rear tyres has a slow puncture. I'll try the spare and see how I get on. Although, this is not really limited to driving over lines or bumps. On a smooth motorway staying in lane I still get the swerve/drift. Thanks for your reponse Spoony - if I need new tyres I'll steer away from the Dunnys.
  14. Hi everyone Getting used to driving my Lexus now but I have noticed something that I'm not sure is a problem or not. When driving in a straight line at say above 50mph I notice very slight but firm pulls in the steering wheel causing me to sway within my lane. It has been windy lately but no gale force winds. The steering is heavier than my previous car when cornering but when these slight pulls occur the steering feels very light. Any ideas what this could be? Cheers! Greg
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