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  1. Hi thank you so much i have now ordered the part above which was actually new! And found a garage to do it fingers crossed all done tomorrow for a fraction of the price Lexus wanted x.
  2. Hi I did notice it a few times but when I switched it from auto to manual it seemed to correct it. The garage tried to change the bulb today but told me it wasn't the bulb but the ballast! Thanks for the link, I am not running myself down but I am a female who has trouble putting oil in is I a big job to change it?
  3. I have just taken my car for a MOT but it failed on a headlamp, the garage went to change the bulb and said it wasn't that it was the balance unit? They said they couldn't fix it and I would have to take the car to Lexus, really don't want to do this any advice? Thank you Sarah
  4. thanks for the reply guys, to be honest I think I have curbed it a few times!! I didn't know about the extended warranty on the engine when did that happen? I love my car but at the moment I am not enjoying driving it! Sarah
  5. Hi I have an IS220D and bought her new in 2007. I have done 65,000 and have just found out that my front Alloy has deteriorated and I need to have a new one, this explains why I have gone through 3 new tyres! I have spoken to Lexus and they say its not covered does anyone have any experience of this? Thanks Sarah