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  1. Yes I will, I have closely read the warranty, and its clear an engine is under the warranty 🙂 cheaper in the long run for them and a happier customer, 82k
  2. Yeap, trying to fobbed me off with big ££££, back there to pick the car up today, basically I said warranty - engine- not working- you fix, maybe new engine, l watch this space!
  3. Had the car into the main dealer, they confirmed there is a knocking noise from the engine, no **** sherlock 🙂 40 hours labour to take the engine apart and investigate, I informed them the car has a extended warranty, waiting to hear back from them. I still think its lack of lubricant on start up, engine flush , new oil and filter, would be my first thing to do, but hey Im no engineer.
  4. Its all lexus main dealer service, so I assume they used the right oil.
  5. Hi to you all, Dont know if this has been asked before, but on cold start for the first 5 mins of driving there is a knocking sound coming from the engine. After that its fine. Im think lack of lub, Is there any filters in the VVti pipe lines? Many thanks for your help. JP
  6. Thanks for the info, maybe out of interest I will see how much Lexus main dealer would charge, ££££.pp
  7. A tech question here, I have a RX450H 2013 Premier which doesnt have the Pre-Crash Safety (PCS) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) fitted. How easy to fit? I assume the wiring loom is there ( as its a upgrade) Any info I would be grateful Thanks .
  8. Thanks for the info, looks like thats going to be the next project :-)
  9. Hi, Dont know if this has been asked before, but can you switch the front bumper on a RX from non-sport to f-sport 2013? I like all the toys on the premier model but like style of the front bumper on the sport;. Straight swap or a lot of messying about? Thanks for your time
  10. Thanks for the info, probably side on getting the Premier model, would be easier to move on being the top model.
  11. Thanks for the reply, how reliable is the air suspension on the premier model. Any know faults and probably expensive to fix? Yeap not too bother about the mileage as long as its got main dealer FSH
  12. Have a IS300 for a few years now, So looking to purchase a RX450h 2012-2015 . So Sports or Premier Model?. Question is about the air suspension, worth the extra money over the sports model? Pros and cons I know there are few other extras on Premier model. Took a test drive in a Premier Model from a main dealer. All good stuff, except the price. Looking to spend max 20k Cheers JP
  13. Wanted N/S wing in Blue for an IS300 on a 54/04 plate.
  14. Hello Stav, I have a IS 300 on a 04 plate. Its the HIDs lights with auto levellers in the nearside front and rear wheel arches. So I take it its adjusted from one of these. Just aonther point about the lights. A few days ago the lights wouldnt turn off completey, flickered unitl I removed the light control relay.(It was making a buzzing noise.) I did check the offside fuse kick panel, no water ingress as from a leaking windscreen. So I hoping its the relay? Put the relay back in later that day and it been fine! lol Cheers for your help J
  15. Be grateful if someone could let me know how to adjust the level of the headlights. Is it adjusted at the auto level senors in the wheel arches? Cheers.
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