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  1. Yeah Bobby has the 280T in Ireland, he's a member here as well but havent seen him online in months, he seems to have disappeared
  2. Adjusted the fuelling? What you use? I've heard that the ECU wont allow any piggyback systems?
  3. Yeah you can take it that they're more expensive than a normal altezza, there was only 100 made so they're quite rare! How reliable are they? How long is a piece of string? If taken care of they're shouldnt be any problems with it, if you're out throwing it around round abouts and doing alot of drifting etc obviously a lot of work will be needed to keep her going but that'll be your own doing! I've had my N/A one since Jan 08 and the only problems I've had so far are General Servicing & maintenance (tyres etc) - needed in anything Water pump & Timing Belt - when I was getting a service done the mechanic noticed a leak in the pump, not major but slight, just got it repaired anyway! Shocks - rear passanger side shock shat itself so replaced the whole lot with coilovers. Its a 7 year old car so its to be expected though. As long as you look after the car they're shouldnt be any problems. Its a toyota at the end of the day, they're pretty much bulletproof once looked after
  4. There was no turbo tezza's produced except for the Toms 280T which was a limited edition turbo model, 100 made and 10 given to 10 different garages. After that anything with a supercharger or turbo is an aftermarket mod. When its comes to what to look out for though I'm not 100% sure as mine is N/A.
  5. I've just put the Tein Superstreets on my tezza and the difference is huge in my opinion. Car is alot more responsive, seems to stick to the road a lot more! At the moment I havent changed the settings on them so their still stiff as hell and at that they're still comfortable enough. Seem low enough, put it this way I'm getting caught on speed ramps now that I didnt when I just had the lowering springs. They're designed for daily road use and the odd trackday as well. I think they're great and delighted I got them. Got them off ebay from amber performance for £650 I think. Worked out with delivery etc about €130/€150 cheaper that if I got them here! Personally I'd say go for it. Got my mechanic to put them on for me, he builds t/a & drift cars for a living and he uses Tein in everything he does but have heard good things about the BC's as well!
  6. Hey just wondering bout the angle eyes, i have a set at home in a box for the last year, haven't even attempted to fit them yet!!! ha, were they hard to fit?heard getting the headlights apart is a pain? Not really no check out the link, tells ya how to do it tezzaworld
  7. Yeah they were handy enough, I did a write up on tezzaworld which I'll get ya if your interested
  8. My god its been a long time since I was over here, kinda forgotten about the place If its just the angel eyes/halo rings you're looking for buy them and fit them yourself, thats what I did and this is how they look Got them from here AAC
  9. Can someone tell me what size bulbs are in the tezza, trying to buy a hid conversion and dont know what size bulbs they are, think they're H4 but not positive, can someone please let me know? Cheers
  10. Is your bonus protected with your insurance company? Check with them if you're unsure if it is happy days, you'll only get caught for about €200 give or take based on their excess
  11. Personally I'd leave it black, I certainly wouldnt paint it blue but hey thats just me I've a legana front in blue with the black grill on it, the pics are under the topic "my altezza" Oh and noticed that your in tipp, theres a meet in carlow the first sunday in march if you're interested:D
  12. Sound my ***** will be there :D Sparky I know man seriously need it lowered but lost my job recently and in the process of setting up my own company (all going well) so funds for the car are on extreme hold until I get sorted financially
  13. Ok so I lied about the pics being up by "next weekend" but anyway here they finally are
  14. Currently unemployed but before that my backround was insurance, anyone any jobs going???
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