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  1. Yesterday I installed new battery and unfortunately VSC light is still on
  2. I agree its bit low but not dead, didnt had any problem to start the engine but already ordered new one, should arrive Monday
  3. I don't know how old is this battery, I got my LS 3 years and I never change the battery, so I gonna order a new one and see if this help
  4. I checked my battery few days ago and it shows 11.7V, do u think its time to buy a new one?
  5. Hi guys, From time to time got VSC warning light on a dashboard. It could some sensors or wires because it happens mostly when its raining or high humidity or low temperatures outside. Please tell me guys where to start to find what is causing this problem. Thx Alex.
  6. I'm about to buy Goodyear Efficientgrip, I think 102 pounds per tyre is a good price :D also Ive found this calculator:
  7. I was thinking about new tires as well but what is the difference in mpg between tyre with index A fuel consumption and lets say index F ?
  8. Hi Azeem, I have found a link on this forum, I dont know if they are good or not Regards Alex
  9. Today morning, I had a problem with froze or I should say dimmed lcd and also I couldn't switch between audio, climate, sat-nav, etc. Luckily now everything is fine. Does any of you had this problem before? Can low temp cause this? and what to do to prevent that in the future? Regards Alex
  10. Hi Roy, I can send you a few pages from service manual about how to remove wiper arm, drop me PM with your email. Regards Alex
  11. Hi guys, I decided to go with LS400 and I would like to thank all of you guys for advices
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