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  1. OFF TOPIC WARNING unless Toyota sort themselves out and quick I doubt they like many other legacy car makers will have any meaningful position in the next 10 years.
  2. @welland water will flow through the car. What I think happened with mine was water collected in the lowest part of the car - from memory this would be the maintenance area in the boot. Once that filled up it overflows. From schematics I found ALOT of electronics are in the bottom of the car. These were unaffected by my problem and my car was soaked through. My hybrid batteries were non usable and carpets were replaced although I guess you could dry them out and anti fungicide applied. In hindsight what I noticed was:-entertainment / sat nav system shutting off intermittently (most noticeably when driving in a downpour). Windows being foggy in the morning. If you have a sun roof it is possible that this could be a cause of the leak. All the information I found indicated issues at the rear of the car around gaskets / seals and seams. The boot seam was the problem I had. I don’t have any info re removing items - sorry. Paul
  3. Hi all. It’s been a while, I am genuinely upset that more people are innocently discovering this issue. To those people that are still having an issue please be reassured that there is a problem and one that can be resolved. I can’t confirm that the solution will be cost neutral - that will depend on your individual circumstances but there is s solution My history - I’m not a wealthy man but I do aspire to the “trappings” of that lifestyle. When I purchased a Lexus 400H - this was, at least to me, one of those trappings. I wasn’t naive enough to believe that this car was perfect,it isn’t as time has proven but we buy a belief : vision don’t we? That aside, my heart rate increases when I discover that a problem is still a) being experienced by people several years later (some of whom may have my outlook on life and who have purchased a “quality” product) several years after my own personally expensive “education”and b) being CONTINUALLY dismissed / questioned for whatever reason (Dealer / apologist?) by members(s) who have not owned the car for several years but still feel that is valid to comment and portray this as a “guess you were unlucky as it never happened to me and I’m very informed,so sorry”. LEXUS call back the UK cars and fix them - you’ll get Kudos and the respect of current and would be owners. Has this issue manifested in USA/Europe/anywhere else? If so could you let us know how that was remedied and different approaches are in operation in different plants? As an owner, if you have water in your boot or anywhere else, you have a problem with your car - it can be fixed. This forum has outlined what you need to do - SEAL EVERWHERE that water can get in. How much this costs you and how much time you must invest is down to your financial circumstances/ tenacity / circumstances/ brand reputation My resolution - I paid (via an interest feee credit card) to get it fixed (I could have bought a decent 2nd hand car for the price!) I now now drive a premium brand that isn’t a Lexus Would i buy Lexus again? Never Would I lease a Lexus - yep sure - any issues aren’t my problem Is this what the brand represents? - Need to ask Lexus / Togaota marketing but not to my mind - but it appears to be the reality. This is such a shame and a missed commercial opportunity for a company that (honestly?)!wants to do the right thing and is seemingly well placed in the electric vehicle / hybrid age My next car will be electric ( it’s the future 😀) but probably a Tesla (based on my brand perception and experience.) Lexus have lost my faith and done very little to win it back - great brand, great vision - poor realisation when things go wrong. if I can offer any additional pointers to resolve then I will - there are legal constraints on the detail I can provide with regards to my individual circumstance - as stated earlier it can be fixed - requires effort / money to get it fixed Options as I see them DIY? Dicuss with previous owner / garage/ Lexus ? Petition Lexus to do a recall? Drill a hole to let the water out? Dry it out, trade it in and make it someone else’s problem? Paul
  4. Sorry to hear of your problems. My advice is try and prevent as much extra water getting in if at all possible. Get the car as dry as you can - lift the carpets out and thoroughly dry it out. There are a lot of electronics on the underfloor and water and electronics do not mix well. Finally do not try and find the leak with a water test until you have got the water that is in there out.
  5. Hi Nigsy. There's a diagram one page back and a link to a website that may help - regrettably I can't as Lexus repaired mine. Paul
  6. Got the RX back tonight. In essence regrettably nothing Lexus GB could do to help on this occasion - an indefinite warranty can't be given. Had rear seam re-sealed and packing, rr (the rear light cluster gasket?) replaced. Part number L81552-48141 and now have new hybrid battery and new interior carpet. Nice but not what i had planned to have replaced. For now this chapter is closed. Good luck all Paul
  7. Thanks guys. Perhaps its my current mindset but things don't seem that joined up between Lexus Poole and Lexus GB. Think I'll speak to Lexus HQ on Monday and find out what is going off. Paul
  8. Hi all. Sorry to hear about your issue Nev - is the same as you had before or did you change your car and have a new problem? I've heard back from Lexus Poole. Mine was letting in water from the rear lights - this has been resolved and car is ready for collection. Given the previous threads on this issue where rear light gaskets have been chnaged and water is still coming in - I'm a little concerned as to the completenes of the fix. I'm being pushed to hand the courtesy car back and hand over my credit card to pay for the repair and then pursue Lexus GB for a contribution. Never having had to deal with this type of problem before i'm not sure what my options are. Any input / advice or previous experience then i'd be delighted to receive it. Paul
  9. Hi all. Firstly I'd like to offer my thanks to all those that have gone out of their way to find the cause of the problem and share that information. Really pleased to hear that, dare I day it? a solution has been found. It does sound like an unexpected but grudgingly necessary action to waterproof our 4x4's. Each time I see an RX 400 I wonder if that particular owner is aware of the potential problem they may be storing up. Mine remains in the garage being fixed and fingers crossed I will be in a more informed position later this week.
  10. No update re fix. Disappointingly after 3 weeks I'm led to believe that no cause of the leak has been found however I'm also unsure as to the efforts that have been expended to resolve. Steps to find resolution described as:- Need to do a water test to find leak - ok. Need to do the water test outside - ok. Need to fit the parts to move the car outside - err it wasn't driving when it was dropped off and found its way inside so possible to reverse the process? I've been promised it will be looked at next week.
  11. Thanks Simon. I'll be advising Lexus of the thread to try and fix my leak and get the car back. Paul
  12. Should also have a usb adapter on the top of the screens. Handy for storing lots of movies rather than taking dvd's with you. Just check out the acceptable formats before ripping your dvd's. Paul
  13. Hi Vic, I can see your point. I had a previous IS200 for 5 years and that was absolutely rock solid and what led me to maintain my loyalty to the brand. This episode has shaken my confidence and I'm watching further developments with interest. My (fixed?) car should be back this week. Paul
  14. Hi all. Just a quick note to say sorry that so many appear to be experiencing this problem. I'm not able to provide any clues as to the cause yet as my car is currently with Lexus being investigated and they can't undertake a water test until they can move it outside. When i have more info I'll gladly share. Best wishes Paul
  15. Great work Simon. Just as a matter of interest how did you reseal the seams and how long would you expect them (the replacements and the originals) to last? Paul
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