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  1. Happy Birthday Elmo-Ice!

  2. *edit* Got my info now thx *edit*
  3. Hi guys I just need to know, what is the stock fuel pump in LPH? Is there problem to put the walbro 255 to the stock car? Thanks
  4. Allright, i´ll try that thanks very much! I still need the big ground(-) wire, i don´t know where it goes on the body or engine or so.
  5. It´s only one cable, it´s just the different end, like i said i think one of them should be on the battery, and yeah it could be on the starter. I´ll check that. If not i will bring better pictures :)
  6. I just got my engine back in the car and i can´t remember where these two goes. Can anyone help me with this? (Lexus IS 200 1gfe) This is a wire that i think goes from the battery... i don´t know really... This is some air hose. *Sorry about the first picture, don´t know why it´s so small this is real size pictur: 1. Need to know where the wire goes 2. Need to know where the air hose goes 3. Where dose the main (-) goes from battery? Thanks.
  7. Lol, yes :) Did the same mistake twice :D
  8. I need 2-way LSD for my Lexus IS200 Can be used, but must be in good conditions. Thanks
  9. Can i then just upgrade the normal one to 2-way later ?
  10. Hi all Im doing the 1jz upgrade, and i need LSD diff, do you know what LSD i can use for the 1jzgte under the IS200 ? I´ve seen few online what i can buy, but don´t know if i have to look for diff for IS200, or the 1jzgte. And if you have something for sale, you can just send me message. Thanks. - Elmar
  11. Damn it, i have to change my Oil Pan to 2jz just like you have, i will have pictures soon, but can you show me your mounts?
  12. hi mate, done something more? new pics? :)
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