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  1. Thanks lads IS 250 auto petrol it is then.
  2. Just thought while looking at IS 250, Does anyone know if they do an auto diesel model can't seem to find one. Apparently the auto is cheaper on road tax than the manual. If so how much is the diesel manual to tax? Cheers
  3. Just with it now David cheers and Auto Trader.
  4. Hi Denny, Welcome to LOC nice motor just the colour I wanted but my gold one come at the right price had it 6 years now, by far the best car I've ever owned. Well I'll be getting Timing belt and water pump done real soon as it's due on time. Think you can get the full kit off ebay including water pump for £155.00. Keep me updated mate. Cheers
  5. Hi all, Pete if ya look I've put IS 200d f sport gets 55mpg sadly it's out of my price range but I've enjoyed looking into it for future reference. (Pipe dream) ha ha. So if you'd got a budget of lets say £7000 to buy an IS 250 Auto/Diesel what age would you look at and mileage? ect. Could I even get one thats decent for that money? Any advice much appreciated chaps. Cheers.
  6. No David never driven one, I love my Lexus its never missed a beat but its getting to the age where it needs a bit of TLC. Its also starting to judder when braking from about 40mph so im guessing it needs new discs and pads as well. I know the car is good for a few years yet but not sure whether to spend some money on it or just go a get the IS 250 and treat myself. Which ISF have you got? and is it as good as they all say. I love em me.
  7. Yeah to be honest David I don't know whether to stick or twist. Mine needs a cam belt and a general tidy of the bodywork, wheels could also do with a complete refurbish. I can get bodywork done through a friend quite cheaply and that even includes taking the bonnet off as a little rust mark has appeared at the very front of it. I do understand though that you never really get the money back you spend on bodywork at resale. Hmmmmmm decisions decisions!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for your reply Bobby this really helps, I've looked at IS200d F sport but because it is fairly new it's out of my price range, for instance a 2010 model you're looking at £14,000 I did notice that this car has a tax price of £130 to £145 a year and also gives 55mpg which most people would be happy with. Bobby I think the auto would be my choice to be honest as I fancy a change and am getting lazy. David the mileage on mine is coming up to 88,000 Thanks
  9. Hi all, Auto? Diesel? Petrol? IS 220? or 250? Bit of advice needed on a new Lexus, just thinking of upgrading from my 2001 IS 200 to the next model, have been told about the problems with the 220d but not sure about the 250 version because of the increase in tax and fuel. Would like IS 200d f sport but unfortunately my budget wont stretch that far. Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi All I have a lexus Is200 SE 2001 which has 87,000 on the clock, I've read that the cam belt should be changed at 100,00 but I think for peace of mind I may get it done sooner. Would really appreciate some advice on this please and how much I should be expected to pay. Thanks Craig
  11. can't stop looking at Lexus IS 200 f sport.

  12. Hi Apologies if this is in the wrong section as I don't post regular. Please help I would like to change my dash lights to blue including the temp gauges, can anyone tell me how I go about this and how hard it is to do. I own a Lexus Is 200 (51 Plate) Just think they look better than amber. thanks in advance. Craig
  13. Feeling like i need a new Lexus

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