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  1. Happy Birthday adrian71!

  2. adrian71

    Bumper Needed!

    Am after a platinum ice bumper to fit my 99 is200, am in Exeter if anyone near has one for a good price please let me know. Regards Adrian.
  3. seems a tad excessive lol, ive been with direct line for over 10yrs, and to date havent been able to get insurance cheaper, shop around every year, even when i was daft enough to get a DR10 they only loaded my premium£35.00!!!! worth a phone call
  4. Cheers, would be nearly 2wks with post though :( cant wait that long, will give lexus a call tomorrow, and post the result for future referance!!
  5. Does anyone know how much the front caliper carriers cost??????????? had a look through the forums and cant find owt on them
  6. will give it a go, ordered both sides and saved 8 euros on postage :) bargain! cant find anyone else that does them at all.
  7. Ormi your a star, and yes did mean bush lol, just a long wait till they arrive :(
  8. Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to replace the bearing on the rear hub, failed mot due to play, my friend that fixes my car has tried to find someone that supplies the bearing but has so far drawn a blank, waiting for lexus to get back to us, seems like we can only replace the hubs, anyone know of another make or models bearing that would fit???? he's got a tool he bought from japan that removes the bearings from hubs without causing damage :)
  9. have cleared faults, driven car and is now showing miss firing on 1 and 5, so presume i need a pair of coils? wheres the cheapest place to get em??? ta
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