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  1. I bought a JUN from Nengun for my Altezza 3SGE. No probs, excellent company to buy from and flywheel is topnotch.
  2. I just bought a 2012 IS200 F Sport (150 BHP) and although it has all the nice bits on the outside, the 2.2 diesel engine is a letdown to say the least.. I've reseached it, and as far as I can tell the injectors are different to IS220. Anyway, looking into re-mapping I've come up with RaceChip for Plug and Go, or Evolution Chips for proper ECU remap.. Not much difference in gains but I would rather go with remap (Evolution) instead of the Plug in unit (RaceChip) Has anyone any experience of this? Thanks.
  3. Thank you Captain Fizz.. That did not appear for me on Google..
  4. Can anyone tell me what are the engine specs of the two models? From what I can see, the Sport has different gearing and lower BHP, different heated seats and different steering wheel.. If the Sport model is lower BHP, is re-map possible? Thanks.
  5. Hello all.. Driving Altezza RS200. Have it a while now but don't like not having torque. Otherwise its great love RWD and the look of the car. Not mad about the chrome rear lights.. where can I get covers for them?