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  1. hello all after my lexus being of the road for some time i think its time to put it back on the road have looked into it before i am now seriously on for getting gas installed as my wife will be driving the car to work what do i need to look out for is there any particular system to install all help and advice very much appreciated shane
  2. hello all i havent been on this in ages as my lexus has been of the road anyway one of my problems is engine managment light is coming on with my laptop saying 02 sensor bank 2 sensor 1 i replaced it with an aftermarket sensor now its coming up bnk 2 sensor 2 does this mean both sensors have had it ive been told that aftermarket sensors are not very good so should i put two decent denso sensors that i seen on ebay or get 2 original second hand sensors all help is very much appreciated shane
  3. hello there# thanks for getting back to me roughly how much does it cost to get fitted and is lpg easily purchased
  4. hello all i havent been on for awhile as i have been outa the country and my lexus has been sat up but now im gona drive it again as i refuse to sell it but as i cover alot of miles im considering converting it to gas/lpg firstly has anyone had this done secondly is it a success thirdly how much does it cost and how much would i save all advice is welcome shanw
  5. Hello all ive had my is200 for four years now in this time ive enjoyed it but have always felt robbed when filling it with petrol has anyone ever thought of fitting a diesel engine of some sort or has anyone actually done this
  6. hey all my cigeratte lighter stopped working some time ago i passed no remarks onit as i dont smoke but when i was to use phone charger it wouldnt work can anyone tell me where the fuse is
  7. hey guys got problem sorted i changed the oil and its grand now ive checked the revs and theyr the same as the rest of yours its just goes to show you really need to look after these auto gearboxes!!!
  8. it must not be changing into fourth then its definately over revving its 3000rpm at 60mph as before it was just over 2000rpm its abit chappy on the change i think the box is done just wondered if anyone has had this prob ?
  9. im having problems with my is200 aotomatic gearbox it wont change into fifth gear i changed the oil today using oil that meets toyotas requirements and its still the same the ols oil was very black but no sign of fillings in it can anyone help
  10. more power and easier on fuel these cars are way to hard on juice for the power they have also much easier geomtry set up
  11. im having some problems with my is200 auto box firstly it chappy on the change and has quit changing into top gear today i checked the oil and its black and smells a little burnt so im gonna change the oil but on looking up the forums people say not to do it yourself get a reputable garage to do it what is so hard how do you refill it ??
  12. cheers mate cant get it to work ill put up my settings front axle total toe +00.12 camber +00.37 caster -00.55 king pin angle -01.94 rear axle total toe +00.26 camber +00.29 thrust angle +00.01 can anyone help please Those figures cannot be right..... pm me your contact number and i'll call. i think ive put them up right if you give me your email address il forward it to you to take a look at it thanks
  13. cheers mate cant get it to work ill put up my settings front axle total toe +00.12 camber +00.37 caster -00.55 king pin angle -01.94 rear axle total toe +00.26 camber +00.29 thrust angle +00.01 can anyone help please
  14. hello all i recently had my wheel alingment done and its not good the handling is very bad and the new tyres i got fitted are allready starting to wear does anyone know how i can upload the printout i got so someone maybe tony could take a look thanks shane
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