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  1. I guess it is possible but I'm not sure it would be a good idea. The car is set up at the appropriate height for aerodynamics and handling. Messing with this could adversely affect one or the other (or both). There's a few cm range on the adjustment but you would probably only get 1-2cm adjustment all round until one of the rods hits its limit.
  2. Thanks for the reply - very helpful. However, I just want to check something - is the 45-47cm whilt it is in the 'hunkered down' easy-access position? If so, then mine seems to be a little low if it's about the same on the N setting...
  3. Seems to me that the centre of the wheel hub to the highest point on the wheel arch might be a suitable measurement. Readings are currently 45cm, 47cm, 47cm, 48cm clockwise from FNS so the front is (slightly) worse than the back If anyone has a 2nd Gen RX300 with air suspension, I'd appreciate it if you could take this measurement and post it here. Thanks, Al.
  4. Point taken about the unlocking (provided the battery and wiring are not damaged by the crash and the doors actually do unlock). However, in anything more than a minor shunt, the doors don't open anyway due to deformation of the car frame. So, I agree (but for a different reason) that it is largely irrelevant. Also, in any survivable crash a back or neck injury is far more likely than the car catching fire. Despite what is portrayed on (fictional) TV, cars do not often catch fire after an accident. Moving someone with a spinal injury, on the other hand, presents a very real risk of paralysing them. I would certainly NOT want to be dragged from the car unless it was on fire (or at risk of falling over a cliff). I was involved in a serious accident resulting in a neck injury (plus 9 broken bones in all four limbs). Had I been dragged from the car by an untrained 'rescuer', I would probably be a quadriplegic right now (if the pain of being moved hadn't killed me through shock). It took the Emergency Services no more than 30 minutes to get me out safely by removing the roof of the car. Al
  5. Same with my RX400h, 55 plate. I think we will have to remember to manually lock the doors! My dealer thinks that when this system of auto locking doors started some years ago with Mercedes,BMW etc, the emergency services stated that this could prove fatal in bad accidents as they would not be able to open the doors externally. Mercedes and BMW, and I beleive the new Lexus models will unlock the doors automatically if the air bags go off. This may explain why our early RX400 do not have the auto locking option. If that is the case how would they open our internally locked doors in an accident?Anyone got any more ideas on this subject? Linehill I can assure you that a locked door will not delay the Emergency Services for very long. Indeed, it doesn't take much of an impact to distort the chassis enough to jam the doors closed even if they are unlocked. They carry the equipment needed to prise a door open forcibly if necessary. If the door is too badly damaged to open, they can have the roof off in no time. I speak from experience as a badly injured rescuee.
  6. If you are involved in an accident, you can unlock the door yourself with the manual lever even if the battery is damaged and the central locking is inoperative. If you are unable to do this because you are unconscious or otherwise injured, then the last thing you want is for a 'Good Samaritan' opening the door and dragging your limp and injured body from the wreckage. They may get you out but you stand a good chance of spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair. In such a situation, you are much better to wait for the Emergency Services. They will get you out safely without risking further, potentially more serious injury. In this case, the auto-lock will actually protect you from misguided 'help' that may not be appropriate to the situation. As for the second comment - What if you are a man in the car with a mad woman? In any case, the same applies - you can manually unlock the door with the lever. Al.
  7. Could you have inadvertently pressed the parking brake slightly? If the parking brake pedal is depressed even slightly when moving, it makes a 'bong, bong, bong' noise that is a little bell-like. When you parked up, you would presumably have put the brake on fully and released it when you set off which would explain why it never came back. You could try putting it on slightly at low speed (~5-10 mph should be enough) to hear what it sounds like. If it's the same sound then this would be a plausible explanation. Al.
  8. Hmm. I just thought about it and a shorter connector rod should make the car ride lower, not higher. So perhaps it was MUCH higher before the rod broke and is now only a LITTLE higher??? I guess I'll not need the spacer after all.
  9. Hi, As a result of a broken (and DIY-repaired) sensor connector rod, my RX is sitting a little high on one side at the rear. This is as a result of a shortened connector rod. I have a 15mm spacer on order to correct this but that's not all... I have also had some work done at a non-Lexus dealer which has left the front end (maybe) a little higher than it was previously (or it could be my imagination). This has left me with little confidence that ANY of the heights are correct so I would like to re-calibrate all of them. I have read a few accounts of people doing this successfully and the procedure is as follows: 1) Set tyre pressures correctly 2) Park vehicle on level ground 3) Set the height Hi, wait until light stops flashing 4) Set the height N, wait until light stops flashing 5) Measure height of each corner & adjust the sensor connector arm as required to bring each corner to the correct height 6) Repeat 3-5 until correct All I'm missing is the correct value for the height (and where it is measured to). I know it's a long shot but I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has this information (maybe someone who has access to Lexus technical manuals or someone who has done it themselves). Fingers crossed X Al.
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