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  1. neil, i knows its an old thread but do you still have the front lip and is it plastic? ta mo
  2. stav mate, no luck those ends that go on the drive shaft to the diff went with the diff, just has the drive shafts. sorry bud, hope u find summat quick
  3. ah man been ringing round ebay sittin on it like a hawk but they all seem to go quicker then i can spell side skirt lol. its like a crazy hunt hopefully al get some luck soon
  4. will get back to you tomorrow at latest
  5. will do, might be better off with both shafts mgiht work out cheaper
  6. how much you willing to pay for it mate?? i know someone who has rear drive parts bar the diff if that helps at all, i can ask with ur offer
  7. want plastic ones, i had fibre ones and had a accident and the buggers ripped right off. keep looking hopefully il find summat soon but dnt want fibre
  8. yeh i checked lexus and it works out to around 460 plus vat. thats kinda way out my budget :), second hand ones would be ideal This has been covered recently and I believe that Lexus still sells them.
  9. Hi all, hopefully someone can help, i am after a genuine set of plastic side skirts and front skirt trd type for the is200. does anyone have either or all for sale?? thanks mo
  10. sounds like ur alarma being triggered off when that fuse is in or possibly wiring issue. am no expert on this but i had a clifford installed on mine and the chap had to call into clifford coz the wirin loom for the altezza was different to the is 200. take it back to the chap that fitted it seems likes its being falsly triggered - either sonic sensors or a wiring issue.
  11. kool, well i dunno if i have damaged it at all, from what i saw the drivers side rear wheel looks like its got heaps of camber and toe in butttt this is probably due to hittin this tree stump first, from initial looks it maybe just be the hub and suspension arms. only just got the car back but waiting on payment. will need to get in on a ramp n check what the damage is underneath hopefully not too much. but i will keep you posted bud and many thanks for the offer of help as i may take you up on that if its worse then it looks as i wanna try save money in gettin it repaired so anything i can do i will. fingers crossed cheers mate appreciate it.
  12. cheers chaps, i thot the altezza had a different diff ratio, lsd for different editions. il look into it a bit further
  13. hi people, unfortunate news, spun off in black ice and writ off my tezza, question is that i have rear suspect suspension damage dnt look major but on the extreme side wanted to know if the tezza diff is any different to the is 200 diff just in case it needs replacing many thanks
  14. hi mate, i have a tezza, did mine at 70k, check this out its the link from tezza world for the recommended service schedule, join, as its got lots of useful info on there.
  15. hi rob, thanks for the reply, i shall look into that and let you know how i get along with my toyota dealers when i mention the rs200. i think i will get my local garage to check the timing belt and see what they recommend, or just replace it and be future safe for the next 60000 miles thanks for the links much appreciated
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