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  1. where do you guys get your hids from, for your is200 ? i'm looking for 6000-8000k and what fitment ? and ebay link ifso... Thanks
  2. Would i gain power. its a standard is200. just seems abit over the top to me. Thanks jamie
  3. Hey i took my car to a local car tuning garage. They offerd to put a full 3inch exhaust system all the way throught and decat the manifold. Would this work ifso will i get any gains.
  4. Thanks i might get one for my car, will it fit straight on with no warning lights. Also any googains ? thanks jamie
  5. Where Can i get a 6-2-1, for less than 600, polished if possible, Thanks Jamie
  6. Where could i get a back box from then , Thanks Jamie
  7. Where can i get a hks cat back with backbox. I cant find any thanks jamie,for a IS200 2003
  8. Where would i get 1 from pro-lex, would a power flow pipe from back box to cat be ok, Anybody removed the silencer ?, Thanks also Dj
  9. How would i check the sender mate, Thanks rob
  10. Hey guys, my MPG gauge has started to play up. It seems to work then, jump abit, stop working then work again if that make's sense. Any idea's on what to do. Thanks Jamie
  11. Powerflow, said there have a threaded pipe, so they could transfer it over. But if it dont work. ill just get cat back. Thanks
  12. will it run with the cat off tho DJ, with out any problems. Thanks Jamie
  13. Just thinking of getting exhaust for my is200, Can the cat be removed, also would a slight bigger bore work. Thinking of getting a 6-2-1 in the near future. until i can afford a super charger. Thanks jamie
  14. Thanks DJ, How much would a super charger set me back then ? ?
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