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  1. Well, I still haven't got my tyres. But these Toyos look interesting. One plus about Costco was that they do Nitrogen filling, and include all charges, I was just wondering if I bought the Toyos would I be able to get them fitted at Costco (the one near the Trafford Centre)?
  2. Hi all. I'm unsure about which tyres to get for my IS250 SE-L. I've seen the following: Michelin Pilot Sport 2 (Costco), Pirelli P Zero Rosso (Kwik-Fit), Dunlop SP (I think the originals on the car) and Continental Conti-Sport Contact 2. I want good grip, a similar standard to the Dunlops currently on the car, but specifically quiet and comfortable tyres would be ideal. Which of these, or other, is the best, and where is the best place to buy. Links would be appreciated. Singhy
  3. I've heard many good things about the A5, and I hope you enjoy it. The IS250 is a great car, but I can see your point about switching, as it is not ideal for tax etc. Enjoy your A5.
  4. that's not the actual IS250C, that's just a concept or a photoshop job. It has been knocking around on the internet for a long time.
  5. I don't actually like the back of the new convertible, I reckon that they should have made the rear smaller, and the tail-lights closer in form the the saloon. What are your thoughts?
  6. Singhy

    My Car!

    Look out for more pics
  7. hey guys, me again. thanks for the warm welcome, it's made me feel like part of the club. i've got pics of my car (look in my attached files i think), and why don't you tell me about yours? come on, join in!
  8. hey guys. does the phone work well with samsung e900? or any other samsungs? otherwise will use my sons sony ericsson k610, but will have to transfer phonebook. has anyone tried with a samsung?
  9. great choice. just bought an ex-demo sel auto with multimedia, and should be getting it next weekend. bought it from lexus manchester, and the staff there are incredibly polite. they also give a very 'personal' feel, like they want you to buy the car for your benefit, not for their profit. however, the beige oakham leather will probs need lots of cleaning, so maybe u will need grey
  10. hey guys, just got an ex-demo is250 se-l auto with multimedia in brechin slate, and waitin for it to arrive. will get some pics as soon as i can. what about you?
  11. hey guys, this is my first ever post on this forum, and it is a bit premature (i will explain). the ride on the is250 is perfectly fine, unless you have 18" wheels. drove an se-l auto with 18" 'hoshi' alloys, and it was a bit jiggly on the motorway. then drove an se auto on the standard 17s and it was fine. i was going to go for an se auto in caspian sky, not really liking the se-l wood, and having a portable satnav. however, was offered 27,500 (inc my £2000 part-ex) for an ex-demo se-l with multimedia in brechin slate. fell in love with it instantly, and basically bought it. waiting for the money to be arranged and then will collect it. i think we should all have a sort of 'long term test' type section, where owners can post their experiences. what do you guys think? also put in some pics of my new car!
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