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  1. yep pocket for me, bluetooth parrot kit works ace
  2. put my money on coil packs mate, they usually go down in pairs butt ure car acts exactly like uve described, i had this happen too me a while back, get it code read too be shure.
  3. Just the ticket, hooked up to the 2 thick wires and now have nice electric seats in my Altezza, just need to source heated seat switches and will get them working as well :) excellent, if a wires thick then its for a reason, glad it worked
  4. i have recently wired a passenger eletric seat in my car, just too let u know the 4 wires the seat needs (not the yellow airbag ) 2 are thin , these do the heated seats, the other 2 wires are quite thick, i guess this is for a reason and could be y ure seat is slow, mabie it cant pull enough juice through
  5. the second lug up on the left (above the grey 1) is the 1 for the lights,mine was pretty goosed, green and perished but the board has had a prob for quite some time, no auto lights for many years, butt all sorted now, if u get the chance change it, its easy too do and will solve any weakness in ure board.
  6. right chaps , hope this helps, ive sufferd with this a couple of times the first time 2 years ago i dried out the board and all was well, just getting in the car with wet feet or snow on them can create enough condensation too give u a short!, this time in the snow it happend again so got a new fuse board from the breakers, after fitting i had all lights butt not the dip beam, so i got the alarm control unit from the same breakers total cost of parts 30 pounds, this has cured perfect . the short on the board can short out the alarm control unit causing this fault my old acu smelt of burnt out wires so i hope this helps. my prob is now solved, i only payed 20 pound for the board and 10 for the acu.
  7. looking good tommy looking good!
  8. im sure if there was anything wrong with ure cam ude soon know with noise!, if it aint broke dont fix it!!
  9. might be worth checking ure thermostat, take it out and boil in a pan , then ulle see if it opens all the time,
  10. it was between tensioner and the block, my new tensioner just went strait on no probs and in one piece, so the idea of a cable tie there, surely makes the tensioner off line
  11. bought my car 18 mounths ago with 125000, at the time of sale the seller told me he had a service and timing belt done, he would get the necersary paperwork if needed, it never came!, with various things going rong strait away like rusty spark plugs excetera, i had a funny feeling this belt wasnt done . finally got the time and kit together and glad i did the belt wasnt too bad but the idler was worn and sounded like it was full of sand when u shook it, but the tensioner was worse it had been put on with a cable tie holding it together!! (as pic), a miracle that it hadent failed ! so my advice is, IF IN ANY DOUBT CHANGE URE BELT!
  12. hi folks finaly getting round too fixing my auto lights, does anybody know were i can get 1 of these fuse boards, ive tried ebay but no joy, many thanks,
  13. just for future reference if u dont inform ure insurance u r driving without ure mot, even if ure on way to mot station and u have a crash they can and will refuse a pay out untill u produce a valid mot, wich will be impossible for u to do.
  14. if ure car is booked into a mot station u just need to inform ure insurance of time and date and ure all legal if pulled
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