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  1. Hi all, Currently I have the IS300 Sportcross and love it but its got 100K on it and I'm thinking of u/g to IS220D or IS250. Read all the gearbox and injector issues on the 220D and cant beleive they're really that bad :) ? Would I be disappointed with 220D perfomance and drive over period of time compared to the IS300 ?, I guess if money was no object for purchase and running the 250 SE auto would make more sense but trying to keep reality check on it. Do Lexus cover all the injector issues, dash rattles etc under wty regardless of age ? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks Nick
  2. No to the chrome. Also remove the GB and get a plain 6" (the wider original plate). I got mine from Lexus main dealer, only about £8 and looks better than the 4" narrow one the previous owner had put on.... Personal opinion though. Nick
  3. OK, I've owned both cars in the past year also. (in fact 2 x IS) 328i SE e46 IS200SE IS300 Sportcross BMW feels good on the road, sporty, hard ride but great feedback from steering, setup very well. However the worst car I've ever owned (had about 20) in terms of faults within 8 mths of owning had chassis tear away from Diff, pulley on engine snap off (both common faults with BMW of that year 2000-2001), window motor pack up, ball joints and bushes on front wear out, wrong springs on back (OK previous guy did this), rad expansion tank split. Also very common cars. I think I was unlucky and they are not all this bad, but think they are over rated and not as reliable as Japanese cars (had a few Audis also and niggly faults with them but not this serious) Lexus, all round more comfortable/effortless to drive but not as sporty. Slower even though more BHP. Much rarer, unique looks, lots of toys (even though my BMW had lots of extras). Hopefully more reliable..... More expensive on fuel (25-26mpg v 29mpg in BMW). Nick And there lies the rub... I owned a 2002 e46 for ten months. On the surface it was good buy but in reality I ended up spending 2K on repairs (big long list both mechanical & electrical) and then lost another 2.5K when I sold it on after it developed an oil leak from around the water pump. As a coincidence I bought the Lex ten months ago. Since then I've paid €300 for a full service & €500 on a set of tires. If I sold it tomorrow I reckon it will have depreciated by about €1500. The only problem this car has had is Err3. Both cars were/are of similar price, age, mileage, condition. Both had a FSH. I know which I won't be buying again. (BTW I love Beemers, have owned many and am planning on an e60 once the Lex gets the chop) So you prefer the lexus so you will be buying a bm next It's true to say that my IS is a much better car than the singular E46 I owned & despite being smaller, it's on a par with my last e39. As there isn't anything better (for the same money) than the E60 523 it will deffo be the BM next. Given the technological differences between the much newer IS and the now very old E36's & E34's you can't compare them. But leaving aside the Naskil and suspension issues (and not forgetting that they're now Chav specials) you could do a lot worse than have a good one of either as your daily drive.
  4. Wow, since buying my IS I'm starting to see a few more around than I ever noticed before. In the central carpark in godalming 4 of them today at lunchtime - was it you ? Nice Black LE with great wheels 2 x Platinum Ice 1 x Blue Then an IS 200 sportcross in Cranleigh parked next to my IS300 sportcross too in green - all very nice ! Nick
  5. Hi Gib, Lexus only covered it for the first 3 or 5 years. I tried with my wifes one recently that was 7 years and they weren't interested. They'd probably already replaced it once at least ! Very common I think, well the 2 IS's I've had both had it... and yes I got quoted over £300 with Lexus (also last one they sent off they lost my CDs so I got some compensation) Get an IPOD transmitter. Nick
  6. Yeah, these 2nd hand dealers want it all ways, silly price for your car in part ex and then hike up the one you're buying as well. Good luck with the sale and the purchase. Are you going for a IS300 this time or sticking to manual 200 ? Nick Want another Sportcross, but part-ex prices are a no-no for me. So wanna sell private then go to dealer armed with cash!
  7. Hi Ex-vag, No, its all mine, not for sale, only driven it home so far ! Not sure yet about quality difference. I've had quite a few Audis (Coupes and Cabriolets (80 shape) and my wife had A4 for while. I liked them lots but had a few niggly problems generally, suspension bushes, electrical faults, typical Audi stuff really. BMW has been worse car ever (probably my first and last!) even though I love driving it, it keeps breaking ! so onto Lexus again.... I like the fact the Lexus aren't so common, should be very reliable, comfortable, lots of toys as standard etc but time will tell. Good luck in your search this weekend. There's a nice IS200 sportcross 2005 in Sandhurst near you for £9K that I drove, great condition, good history etc, around 72K. I prefered the 300 though... Nick Thanks for the info Nick, we're going to our local dealer this weekend to check out the boot space if they have a sportcross and see if the buggy fits in there easily, I'll be able to tell what else will fit in around it then. You've got one sitting on your drive? For sale is it? :shutit: Spot on mate, had VW's since I could drive then onto Audi when the wife decided she deserved one but unfortunately now the A3 is too small as we're growing, the family that is, not us!! Having had an Audi, do you feel that the Lexus is another level up? I thought this with the VW to Audi, the feel and ride were totally different much much better in the Audi. Thanks Rob, I'll remember that :)
  8. Matt, Why are you selling it incidentally ? What are you going to buy next ? Ex-vag, I dont think you'll be disappointed at all with Lexus. I had IS200 saloon for 3 years as company car and it was brilliant (only thing that went wrong was speedo (common fault) and cd player (common fault). Had another IS200 saloon for my wife for a few weeks but boot no use for buggy as seats didn't fold down. Now have IS300 sportcross sitting on my drive with me looking at it untaxed and uninsured as I have to drive my BMW around until someone buys it or if not will switch over this weekend ! Ex-vag, does that mean you're an ex Audi / VW man too ? (I've been there !) Cheers Nick
  9. Hi there, I was looking for one over the past few weeks and not many around, otherwise might have bought yours. I've now just bought one last weekend which is a 52 plate with Sat Nav etc, 81K but full lexus service history (just serviced). 1 owner, got the garage to do the cambelt do for the money and paid £8000. Cant wait to start driving it if I can sell my BMW this weekend ! Nick
  10. Thanks a lot everyone for your kind invitations. Sorry if I offended anyone with the some saloons look dated comment but I think the early silver clear lights can look a bit iffy with some colours, hence the darker later ones I guess. Look forward to meeting some of you and exchanging some banter. p.s. Westerham is 1hr away in Kent Janey, I'm 10 mins other side of Guildford. Any other local meets in Surrey/Hants/Sussex ? Will get some pics later in week. Nick
  11. Hi everyone, New Lexus owner here. I had an IS200SE a few years ago for 3 years as company car and loved it but always felt it was a bit underpowered. After drifting away into a few Audis and then a BMW which has been the worst car I've ever owned I'm back. The new car is an IS300 sportcross which has that bit more power which I like and I think hasn't dated as much as the saloon (some saloons look great, others a bit dodgy on the rear lights I think !) Look forward to learning lots from everyone here and sharing my views. Just got to sell the BMW now so I can start driving the Lexus. I'm based nr Guildford, Surrey Cheers Nick
  12. Hi all, Just bought an IS 300 sportcross and need to get some mats for it (drivers has hole). Struggling a bit, couple of people saying Black is discontinued, someone else is saying £75inc (All lexus garages). Scanned through this forum and it seems they were discounted to £30-£35 a couple of months ago due to being discontinued ? If anyone knows of any black at sensible price (not £75 preferably) new or s/h in good condition I'd be grateful. p.s. Also cant work out if IS300 sportcross would be same as IS200 or IS300 saloon (garages say different p/n but dont know if different!) Many thanks Nick
  13. Yes mate, tried all local ones (one had one a week or so back but had already listed on ebay so couldn't withdraw). Seem scarce when you need one ! Thanks anyway Nick
  14. No lights here, checked already thanks.... Typica when you need something, nothing so looks like Im off to Lexus main agent tomorrow or Wed. I know then next week someone will have some for £30 each !
  15. If anyone has both lights they'd rather get rid of where they have upgraded, I'll take both, then sell the other I dont want on ebay and happily give you any extra profit... Need offside light quickly. Thanks Nick
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