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  1. Yes i did today and he technician said the wheel alignment was a small bit out but he was surprised it wasnt much worse saying how bad the tyres were. Now i will admit that i do drive the car hard... very hard.... all the time.... so that probably doesn't help but still i would hope to get a bit more wear out off the tyres. But i have looked into the rr racing bushings. Just wondered was there a uk supplier before i shell out the $80 for shipping from the US
  2. Does anyone know where I can get the lower control arm uprated bushing to stop tje horrendous tyre wear that im getting. Set off Bridgestones in the bin this morning after 10k miles. Dont want the same for the Michelin.
  3. Ya beat me till it getting some pics up damo!!! All home in one piece!!! An absolute animal of a machine! 😁😁😁😁
  4. It was a 1700 mile journey, plus a got to thrash my is250 sport around the green hell. 3 lexi went this year. My is250 an is-f and a gs450-H There wasn't a M5 accompanied us for good measure, we were driving to germany after all, haha It was brilliant, bring on next year.
  5. Thanks For the reply's. As far as im aware there has been no engine work done to this car, and i did check with Lexus and there are no outstanding recalls for the vehicle I have head the water in the radiator tested and the head gasket isn't leaking. As i said i left it to my mate who is an excellent mechanic and he run a full diagnostic check and could find anything wrong at all. He inspected the turbo test for head gasket plug in the fancy computer and everything is operating as it should be..... i my have to bite the bullet and leave it into Lexus because he did say that they might be able to check different parameters that he cant.
  6. I have a 57 plate is220d with 114000 miles on the clock.... A few weeks ago I noticed an awful cloud off blue smoke coming out of the exhaust under acceleration, as soon as i lifted off the accelerator it cleared immediately, when i put my foot down again nothing, no smoke at all. Now i have noticed this issue a few times, but mainly it was after hard accelerating after either sitting at traffic lights or stuck behind very slow moving traffic (30mph for example) But on Sunday me and a few mates where away and driving along at 70 mph with cruise control on started going up a hill and the elusive blue smoke again.... so much so my mate following behind phoned me to alert me. It doesn't do it every time, mostly within 5 miles of first starting the car. but on Sunday this was the first time it happened after a 60 mile trip. I have removed the egr valve and it was still clean from the last time. a friend run a full diagnostic check and there are no faults showing what so ever. inspected the turbo and there is no play, or rub marks inside it. and i am assuming the dpf filter should be clean, i know supposed to clear itself after a long run. 4 months ago i drive from N Ireland to Germany and its was a very speedy run on the continent i don't the the speedo was under 100 for over 2 hours so that should of regenerated it. I am a complete loss so before i book it into Lexus and pay them vast amounts off money to maybe tell me what wrong can anyone out there help me?