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  1. I have just fitted tein super street with upper mounts with cost me around 900 someting then a bought a EDFC control which i havent installed yet then i have just fitted a ARB hotchkiss front and back with a hard settings on it and it was a great drive afterwards. Tein came with a good preset height already but Im thinking of making it a bit higher due to uk roads sucks easpicially on humps.
  2. Thanks for the reply- I just recieved the super street damper with EDFC now excited to put it one. but need to look for some mechanic first -to have them installed--which will cost me ...Ill post for the feedback. any good mechanic do you know around central london around zone 1-2?
  3. Just wondering if any body has installed tein super street dampers with upper mounts includig the edfc ...Ived read some has used them but reealy god reports. thanks
  4. the parking sensor its fine still doing its job-i wonder if anyone one doesnt have the parking sensor and if they have the solid sound only>?
  5. you engine coolant is low just put or add more coolant to it -- its not the air condition just the low water on you engine coolant
  6. 9006 same bulb use for your low beam--just buy hid for low beam and fog looks better as lond 6k with 55watts
  7. just wondering if anyone have experience when reversing hearing a solid beep plus the intermetent beep beep.before it only do the intermitent beep but just 2days ago just started with extra sound which is a solid beep plus the another beep --i have a parking sensor but this new solid sound is new ...
  8. i think sot 913 lead for both parrot and io play
  9. what kind of parrot products you guys are talking about ? Is it the one mk9200i or something which is 220 with screen? you have to buy sot lead. i have the lead but still not sure which one to get the parrot or the io play
  10. How much ? Opie Oils have 5L of Fuchs fully synthetic 5W30 for just £20, and that's before club discount. I also wouldn't extend my oil change interval just because I was using better oil. dude that a better engine oil thought , intervals usually it depends on how your drive you can change it ever 10k miles but even in USA we change it every 3k-but this oil is better
  11. i bought mintex front and back for 40 including shipping in ebay -sop just look for it..then have someone did it for me for 40--lazy to do and get dirty (excuses)
  12. Spot on mate the green coolant is for uk built vehicles such as the Carina E's and Avensis Pink is used on cars from 2003/4 onwards please check the ams oil product. great one dont just get the oem type get the performance type or the quality product..
  13. check ams oil they have good products. not heard here in UK more because its an american product. WE have used it for lona time and performance car even..the bad thing in UK is that less product to chose and not alot of places to buy. But in comes to engine oil fully synthetic will run for 25,000 orr ((30,000 if you use there oil filter). they have also the fuel additive which is good for 4,000 to clean the engine etc which in turn gives you a better milleage. but check the products. expensive but worth it.. let me know
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