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  1. Happy Birthday Matrixabc!

  2. The mintex pads for me have much more bite, and they have more stopping power for less pedal pressure, also as the pads heat up they grip even more, the black dust is still there but comes off easily.
  3. I did mine myself, the hardest part is getting the car jacked up and taking the wheels off. front set of Mintex pads £23.00. and I think they are better then the oem pads. i think the disks were £75.00 for a pair. the rear pads and disks are more expensive but the rear disks should last a long time.
  4. I have always used mobil 1, 0-40 and have never had any problems, its a very high spec oil, the thinner the oil the better for the engine, fully synth will give full protection at whatever consistency it is. the probelm with using fully synth on "poorer quality" engines is that the thinner oil will leak out, bypassing seals and gaskets,lexus engine is extremely well engineered and should not suffer from this problem. "extract from the internet" In short, if you see an expression such as 10W-40, the oil is a multigrade which simply means that the oil falls into 2 viscosity grades, in this case 10W and 40. This is made possible by the inclusion of a polymer, a component which slows down the rate of thinning as the oil warms up and slows down the rate of thickening as the oil cools down. Multigrades were first developed some 50 years ago to avoid the routine of using a thinner oil in winter and a thicker oil in summer. For a 10w-40 to attain the specification target a 10W (W = Winter please note!) the oil must have a certain maximum viscosity at low temperature. The actual viscosity and the temperature vary with the viscosity grade but in all cases the lower the number, the thinner the oil. For example a 5W oil is thinner than a 10W oil at temperatures encountered in UK winter conditions. This is important because a thinner oil will circulate faster on cold start, affording better engine protection and therefore lower long term wear! For a 10w-40 to attain the other specification target a “40” oil must fall within certain limits at 100 degC. In this case the temperature target does not vary with the viscosity grade, if there is no "W" the measuring temperature is always 100degC. Again the lower the number the thinner the oil, a “30” oil is thinner than a “40” oil at 100 degC, which is typical of maximum bulk oil temperatures in an operating engine. Engine makers are, of course, very well aware of this and specify oils according to engine design features, oil pump capacities, manufacturing tolerances, ambient temperature conditions etc. It is important to follow these guidelines, they are important and are stipulated for good reasons. Finally, if the engine has been modified or is used in stressed conditions, the operating conditions may well be outside the original design envelope. The stress on the oil caused by increased maximum revs, power output and temperature may require that an oil of a different type and viscosity grade would be required. These examples show viscosities at different temperatures: Grade................0degC............10degC...... .........40degC...............100degC 0w-40...............665cst.............354cst........ ..........82cst................14cst 5w-40...............842cst............ 430cst..................91cst................14cst 10w-40.............874cst.............440cst .................91cst................14cst 15w-40...........1260cst.............595cst........... ......107cst................14cst i buy mobile one for around £24.00 of 4L, halfords sell it for £34.00, so shop around.
  5. its an old post i know When the piston is pulled back into the front bumper there is a small amount of water released through a small pipe on the jet unit, must be a non return valve in there I guess. on the driver side of my LS430 there is a leak which drains the washer reservoir overnight , the leak is coming from the unit (£132.00) to fix.
  6. If you use the key you are still operating the door solenoids and activating the immobilizer etc? are you not?
  7. Most places will offer a free battery test. they discharge it rapidly through a big resistor. if your battery is over three years old it is worth replacing as part of preventative maintenance.
  8. the motor is typically located on the bottom of the washer bottle, on my 430 you get to it by removing the passenger side headlamp Assembly. then you would check for 12vdc at the plug( When the switch is activated) and them put 12vdc into the motor to see if it works.
  9. Hi, has any one had a problem with the headlamp washer leaking, on mine the drivers side leaks over night draining the washer bottle, I have taken it apart but cant see anything obvious so must assume it must be one of the o rings inside, but they don't look like they are replaceable. cheepToyotaparts quoted me £138.00 for the plastic tube. and it will be more from Lexus....ouch any suggestions?
  10. As Pete said it could be condensation, I used to get it on my BMW 540 the dvd in the sat nav would be coated in condensation until the car warmed up, which stopped the sat nav from booting up.
  11. Hi, Is the battery in good condition? if not it would be better to replace rather than charge up. the short journeys do cause a huge drain on your battery, normally it take around 20 mins to recharge after a start. but of your doing several journeys a week and only doing 20 miles then the battery will be struggling to cope. also you're engine will be suffering as the oil and engine will never get up to temperature. it would be a good idea to go for a long ( 30/40 mins) drive once a week. as a last resort A good quality battery charger with low ac ripple, a 3 amp charger should have enough power to feed the standing load of the alarm system and charge the battery, but you should really charge the battery out of the car, which can be a pain.
  12. it may be the front spoiler, mine was loose, so I had to fix it with some extra screws. the front spoiler is under the front fog/lights
  13. surly it is not illegal to accelerate up the the national speed limit? I don't think there is a law saying you can't accelerate fast as long as your in control. and if you want to accelerate and the guy next to you does the same, and it was not planned whats the harm?
  14. I have never taken it to its top speed, I have on a few occasions gone up to 145mph and it was still pulling, with no sign of giving up. but only on deserted motorway! it is very easy to get to those speeds with out realizing, as the cabin is so quiet. I am afraid I fall into the target market as well, middle aged, going Grey, and carrying a bit more weight than i should be. and should know better, but i have a safety device fitted in the passenger seat that advises me when I am doing something wrong (the wife).
  15. these have the same 0-60, and a lower unlimited top end, the ls would be a close if not faster car, especially at motorway speeds? Series McRae Turbo 4WD 4d 6.1 s 144 mph 214 bhp 2.0 Turbo Catalunya 4WD 4d 6.1 s 144 mph 214 bhp Turbo 2000 Terzo 4WD 4d 6.1 s 144 mph 214 bhp RB5 Prodrive Turbo 4WD 4d 6.1 s 144 mph 214 bhp RB5 Turbo 4WD 4d 6.1 s 144 mph 214 bhp Turbo 2000 4WD 4d 6.1 s 144 mph 214 bhp Turbo 2000 4WD 4d (SR) 6.1 s 144 mph 214 bhp
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