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  1. Happy Birthday arty1001!

  2. Read the codes and it turns out to be the MAF sensor thats buggered :shutit: Strange that these cars cant run with the maf st24 and e39 528 would both work with the maf unplugged, but not this. Trying to source one now.
  3. Yes, i know ive been silly i just got carried away. Im a bit of a newbie at this kind of thing. Ive got two new O2 sensors here ready to fit but im waiting for the flange adaptors to be delivered. So you guys think its the O2 sensors? i hope so.
  4. I just gave it a bit of a spray with the electric contact cleaner and left it to dry for a bit, didnt touch it or rub it.
  5. Hi, Got a bit of a problem with my MK1. Decided to give the old girl a service on saturday while the weather was nice....Took the battery off and fitted new plugs, rotor arm, oil, air filter ect. I could not fit my new O2 sensors because i didnt order a flange kit, so i gave the old ones a clean with electrical contact cleaner and i also cleaned the MAF. Hooked up the battery and Car runs like crap, loads of black smoke and would not tick over,the engine light also came on. I ran it for a few mins and turned it off incase i ruined the cat. Maybe bad plugs i thought so i took them out :tsktsk: they were all black with soot and put the old ones back in.....just the same. Just wondering if i have ruined the O2 sensors or the MAF by "cleaning" them? I tried running the car with the MAF disconnected but no change.....the car is running way to rich. Anyone got any ideas on this? How do you get fault codes off the MK1? If it aint broke dont fix it springs to mind
  6. Hi all, About to give the motor a service this weekend, air filter,plugs,oil,new o2 sensors so i thought i might change the rotor arm for a new one while im on as its probably still on its original. Is this an easy job or a job for a garage? any tips or tricks to this or is it a case of just taking the dizzy off and sticking it in. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Just an update on two new front tyres on this morning, just cheap ones came to £140 fitted for the pair. The tramlining and twitchy feeling is totally gone :) Just been for a blast on some dual carrigeway and one particular rutted nsl road which used to be really hard work to drive at 60 and its like driving a different car. Chuffed to bits. Thanks for all the help on this lads....much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for all the advice lads :) Seems these cars are really sensitive to geometry/tyres/alignment for some reason. Ive had a few cars over the years with 18" wheels and fairly worn tyres and none have behaved like this. Will get some new rubber on and alignment asap and post results. Cheers
  9. Hi, thanks for the suggestion, i might swap the rears which are new with the fronts just to see if there is any improvement until i can afford two new tyres next week....if its just as bad then i guess its alignment and/or bushes.
  10. Are the pressures ok in them and one isn't running flat as it were? Hi, i checked the pressures straight away, all tyres were 34psi, tried 30psi and problem was excactly the same :(
  11. Cheers for the help lads, I best get the garage to do an alignment and check the bushes when i get the two front tyres on then, hope its just the alignment. Ive just had a quick look at the tyres and theyre Goodyear eagle 245/40/18 and i think they may be Run Flats :( Which would probably make the problem worse and go some way to explain the rock hard ride. Cheers
  12. Hi, New owner of a GS300mk1 sport here, Had the car a week or so and love it apart from the effort it takes to drive the car in a straight line Seems i have to constantly fight the steering wheel as though the car is getting hit by gusts of wind, this gets worse the faster you go and doing 70 on the motorway is hard work, but bombing round a big roundabout or sweeping corner the car handles fine. The are no unusual noises from the suspension going over speedbumps, no clunks or creaks,no steering wheel wobble, just seems to tramline all over the place. Both front tyres are bearly legal and will be getting changed next week but are evenly worn. Anyone got any ideas what might cause this? Worn bushes or some kind of alignment issue? Thanks.
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