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  1. If you look at the towing capacity of the hybrids they are are at 2000kg - my (livestock) trailer and animals is at 3000kg.....which frankly is no weight at all but I have been advised / warned by Lexus that towing anything any heavier than guidelines (and the actual tow bar does not have sufficient capacity either) may damage the electrical side of things. Apparently it would be fine if you wish to tow a 4' x3' trailer to the tip, a small caravan but ask it to work...nope. So looks like I have no choice but to look for a low mileage 2006 RX300 - my existing 'old girl' tows my trailers with no problem - actually the very best tow vehicle I have ever owned and believe me I have tried the lot. Towing capacity combined with luxury. So unless someone can produce info or data to suggest that towing with a hybrid is OK then I will sadly leave the 450 to others.
  2. Just found this which shows all the models and all the tax bands - surprised that the 350 is so heavily taxed.....
  3. OK so tax on the 350's is at £490......decision made then.....either take the chance on a hybrid or find a late model 300 or go for a range rover! Now if Lexus could please put a full petrol engine in a 450 body (like a transplant) that would be great!
  4. using this page, when you click on each of the 3 specs, the first is the cheapest! Also told that neither of the hybrids will tow anything of any weight......
  5. Hi - just wonder if someone can help as I am hugely confused. I have a Rx300 Mk1 (love her, 170k and still going strong) but time to change. So I occasionally tow (approx 4 times a year max) a 21/2 ton trailer so have been told I should not have a looking at RX350 but depending on model, road tax varies from £175 year to £490...can anyone enlighten me as I refuse to pay best part of £500 in road tax! Thanks in advance for info.
  6. Ok so Lexus have told me that I have to suffer a cold bum as the heated seat switch on the drivers side is no longer working. Question: there are several different types of seat switches on flea-bay - does anyone know if a switch from an IS (for example) will fit and work - my old girl does not warrant £100+vat on a switch but my bum is chilly!! Thanks in advance
  7. Hi - wondering if anyone has a spare or surplus USER MAUNUAL / HANDBOOK for a SC 430 (2002) and / or a user manual for the SAT NAV - copies of either would be fine. Thanks in advance B)
  8. My Sc has passed her FREE lexus health check with flying colours! Just wondering if anyone can help? Unfortunately she is missing her owners manual and Sat Nav one too - are these available from anywhere other than Lexus? Any info appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  9. Well finally with all my kids having flown the nest I have been somewhat self indulgent and bought another Lexus to join my 'Old Bus' Mk1 RX now showing 142,000 miles and still going strong. However the desire for a slick sports convertible was just too much and I collected my new baby on Saturday.......YIPEE! All I need now is the good weather! I know they are not everyone's cup of tea, but I am so in love with the slick, smooth, sexy lines.....Yummy! I will temporarily stop drooling and try to upload a photo! Us girls like nice cars too!
  10. Hi - I am looking to buy a SC 430, prefereably in East Anglia, but I am willing to travel for the right car. Must have FMDSH or SH which can be substanciated with invoices etc. Minor cosmetic damage (ie stone chips etc) not a problem as long as this is reflected in the price. Preferred mileage is less than 65k, prefer beige rutland interior to black, but again if the price is right....?? Price? Upto £15000 - cash waiting. I am a private individual who is looking for a SC 430 for private use - perhaps a mid life crisis - who knows or cares? Please contact me via email: in the first instance - photos, mileage, price and a contact number would be appreciated. Many thanks for reading, Lexylass x
  11. Ok, so IF clever, nice hubby cant fix the existing barrel, do I need to go to Lexus for a new barrel? Will I need to do any reprogramming? Have to go to Lexus in the morning to get correct rear pads as both sets as supplied by Lexus Swindon do not fit - one pair completely the wrong ones (despite the part number being correct - John @ Swindon Lexus called to say they had sent the wrong ones immediately sent what they considered to be correct, but these still do not fit). Is it worth taking the barrel with me to see if one of their techies can fix it, or will they just try sell me a new one? Are these over the counter with a new key or am I better to have a new barrel cut for my existing key - I have had no previous problems with the ignition? Thanks in advance for all your help advice
  12. Thanks for the advice - hubby is going to remove the barrel & take a hammer, lock pick etc etc to it before I walk to my local dealer for replacement. Can probable get it cheaper from Swindon, but time is a factor & so will my feet be if hubby really does make me walk after the comment about his bighorn - lovely really.....
  13. sorry for your trouble.... but that has to be "quote of the year" so far :D Oh dear - hubby now really mardy - says I can walk....looks like new barrel.... lots of walking....lots of pennies! Have managed to get parts genuine discounted parts though from Lexus @ Swindon - new discs & pads all round saved me £85 from them over my local dealer. - spoke to John - very helpful but dont rely on Parcel Force to deliver in 24 hours! Took 4 days for one parcel, 5 for the other & then neither set of rear pads fitted! So no driving my Lexi for a
  14. Oh my goodness - after 4 years of no problem whatsoever & regular Lexus MD servicing my baby is broken! The ignition is stuck fast in the accessory position, sat nav & radio on (& working). Hubby has WD40'd the key slot, whacked the body of the lock (from within her guts ie trim removed). We can intermittently get the sat nav etc to turn off from a whack, but the slot is stuck fast in the acc position. Hubby is pretty good mechanically & electrically so ANY help appreciated. Have resorted to disconnecting the battery at the moment as the remote fob will not lock/unlock the car either - must all be connected as battery replaced recently & fob light is functioning. My baby is RX 300 SE, Mk1, 2000 with run in mileage of 131000! Please help as I am getting withdrawl symptoms - hubbys Bighorn really is not a good substitute! UPDATE :D :D :heart: YIPEE - oh how clever my hubby is (have to grovel after the reference to his Bighorn). My baby is alive agin - tapping to the right side of the barrel has tumbled the tumblers!! Thanks to all who have been kind enough to offer help & advice. Soon to be mobile once again, as soon as dearest darling hubby fits new rear discs & pads!!
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